Herd Immunity for covid-19

Beautiful Regan Beach South Lake Tahoe California


Achieving Herd immunity for Covid-19 is a good goal, but it cannot be achieved without a vaccine.

Vaccinated people protect the few who are not. Mumps, chicken pox and other infectious diseases are examples of achieved Herd Immunity through vaccination.

As an outcome, Herd Immunity is a noun. I have started using Herd Immunity as a verb, as in: To mix.

Mix it up

There are three Covid-19 roads available to us as individuals until Herd Immunity can be achieved.

One road is to remain quarantined until there is a vaccine. Another road is to wear masks outside the house for several months or more. The third road is to go unshielded and face the music. In other words: To mix.

Saturday, I went to South Lake Tahoe. My friend and I decided to pick up take out before heading to the lake. We stopped at a little restaurant where I saw three people working to go service only. No one was wearing a mask.

We headed to the lake after getting our food. We parked and we found a nice place to sit down and eat. My friend and I even picked out of the same basket of chips. I mixed. It was great. I saw just one person in a mask. Pictures around the country show many people were out for Mother’s Day. Many of them were not wearing masks.

Not the same for the vulnerable

There are vulnerable populations that may either need to quarantine or remain masked for a while longer, and that is okay. Everyone should handle this situation as he or she sees fit. Being a soldier requires me to hit the front lines. And that is okay too.

I texted the beautiful lake photo shown above to some people Saturday and described a verb situation rather than a noun. “Building some herd immunity,”

I am very proactive, so I am a good one to go out and start mixing things up. There are a ton of pent up germs out there just waiting for all of us. Some of us do need to get out there and start breaking them down.

Being a germ magnet makes me a frontline soldier. After entering Target Friday I immediately began to feel a sore throat. I came home and took care of it with some Mucinex. I do not leave home without Mucinex and I am not ashamed to say so.
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Do you have patience

So, while achieving Herd Immunity for Covid-19 is a good goal, we are still some time away from that achievement. I will continue mixing it up for you. I have been doing so since the beginning of the crisis. While visiting Cave Rock in March I defied the enemy now known as Covid-19 by shaking hands of strangers.

My dad raised me to defy that which thinks has authority over me. That includes Corona gifts from the dark side. Later, nasty virus!


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Herd Immunity is like this jigsaw puzzle. Enough vaccinated pieces will protect those not vaccinated.


Herd Immunity is like a crossword puzzle of matching pieces