Night falls on Capitol Hill

Curfew set for DC.


Night falls on Capitol Hill

3:30 p.m. PST/6:30 p.m. EST

Night is falling on Washington, DC.

There was no way I could have commented at first on this story. I tried to just jump into a reporter role for a bit. But at this point we all know what is going on.


Members of Congress taking cover from the breach of the Capitol building.
Members of Congress taking cover from the breach of the Capitol building.


More anarchy

Today what we have seen is a continuation of the rioting and looting that has been taking place across the country since early 2020.

Everyone has an excuse for their acts of violence or their support of the violence. Believe me, people on all sides feel warmth in their hearts over this behavior. Everyone is so busy screaming at each other and not listening to each other, that it has come to this: If you won’t listen to me, I will create chaos and involve myself in violence to force you to listen.

To all who are involved in this violent approach or support it

You are wrong and are part of the problem.

In less than 12 months across the country, police and other municipal buildings have been destroyed in violent rioting. And today we saw people crawling on the United States Capitol building, breaking down doors, breaking windows, scarring the living life out of hundreds of people who were simply working and doing their jobs.

And what is worse, there are people out there who are proud of this behavior. Some people think it is funny.


Protestor who broke into the Unitd States Capitol was having a good time.
Protestor who broke into the Unitd States Capitol was having a good time.


Wake up America

I don’t care whose side you are on, whose destruction you are proud of, wake the hell up. I do not care to live in a county that reminds me of Iraq where dictators and zealots rule. And in case anyone hasn’t noticed, nothing changed by burning police buildings and city halls. All you did was give anarchists a path to hijack your movement. Now, no one is listening.

And for all of you today, you didn’t help your cause. You think you did. You are patting yourself on the back, but you will still lose. Perhaps while you had the spotlight you could have shown some dignity. Perhaps we could have been in awe of your numbers and devotion. What we saw was an act of terrorism. And as night falls on Capitol Hill, you lose.


Protesters storm the Capitol

1 p.m. PST/ 4 p.m. EST



An armed standoff at the House floor.
An armed standoff at the House floor.

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United States Senate and House members have been sent into hiding today as protesters storm the Capitol building.

Protesters are at the nation’s Capitol to support President Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the November election.

The number of D.C. protesters began growing early in the day, leading to breaking down barriers and breaking into the Capitol building.

An armed standoff took place at the door of the House floor as police have been slow to arrive at the scene.

This page will be updated throughout the day.


Protesters storm the U.S. Capital
Barriers broken down at the U.S. Capitol building.


Many people in danger

Vice President Mike Pence has been moved to safety, after becoming a target of Trump during a rally. Pence was presiding over the reading of the electoral college vote when the Capitol was breached. It is not known when members of Congress will be allowed back to continue their business or if they are still sheltering in place.

The building will need to be swept in the event any explosives have been left behind. There has also been a report of a shooting outside the Capitol building.


Mike Pence presiding over the electoral college vote count.
Mike Pence presiding over the electoral college vote count.


Evacuations at Capitol building

Given gas masks, members of congress are being evacuated as protesters breach all areas of the House of Representatives. Windows have been broken to enter and protesters are taking selfies.


U.S. Capital stormed by protesters
U.S. Capital stormed by protesters



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