I have a question for CNN

Anderson Cooper and Donald Trump



As a former print news reporter of 22 years, I know that I do not like being asked questions. It is not comfortable. But I have a question for CNN.

On January 20, 2021, will you vow to never mention Donald Trump’s name again?


CNN talking heads talking about Donald Trump
Nonstop talk about Donald Trump on CNN


There is a reason for my question

I used to watch CNN. There are others I have watched over the years. MSNBC. FOX. Now I do not watch any news channel unless on a rare occasion when I need a live video feed. I get 99 percent of my information through print sources.

My cable package is limited and comes with CNN. So, that is why you will from time to time see pictures of my TV and see the CNN banner. It wins by default.

My conservative father, who also had a moderate side, preferred watching CNN because it was the most moderate of the bunch.

There was a time

When that was true about CNN, but that has been changing for many years. By the time Trump came into the picture, I finally had to turn it off. It became 24/7 blather, every other word out of their mouths was Trump.


Never ending talk of Donald Trump on CNN
Never ending talk of Donald Trump on CNN


So, as a person who has never ever liked Donald Trump, not even before his political escapade, I certainly did not want to see him become president. The choice between him or Hillary was simply depressing, knowing we were screwed either way.

I personally do not care for people of his type

Trump’s morals are non-morals. He has always been a big showboat, pitting his wife and girlfriend against each other to get his name in the newspaper. What a slug. I will not even get into the rest of his stomach curdling behavior.

I do not care for Hillary or Bill Clinton’s type either, but this piece is about CNN and Donald Trump.

Anderson Cooper

He started a trend after maybe the fifth of how many school shootings to stop saying the names of the perpetrators. He proudly carried on this practice of not mentioning the name of the bad guy. And then of course the rest of the CNN minions followed suit. Proudly and earnestly of course.


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More Donald Trump talk from Anderson Cooper
More Donald Trump talk from Anderson Cooper


“Do not give him what he wants, which is saying his name,” Cooper and the rest would say, referring to the perp.

So, my question to CNN and Anderson Cooper is this: Are you going to live up to your very own commitment and treat Trump like you treat all other perpetrators and stop saying his name?

CNN clearly says Trump has blood on his hands over the Capitol seige, so would this not put Trump in the same category with their other perpetrators whom remain nameless?

FrankIy I think it would be like giving up smoking or drinking for CNN to stop saying Donald Trump’s name. It is like a chip has been implanted into their brains. Mmmmm, maybe a good conspiracy theory?

Just kidding.

I had to say just kidding because there are people who would believe that to be true and run with it.


We will see

How CNN handles its addiction. My money says they will continue blathering into eternity.


Saturday Night Live pokes fun at CNN



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Chris Cuomo taking to Ted Cruz about Donald Trump
Chris Cuomo taking to Ted Cruz about non other than Donald Trump