The dedication of the Taliban

Taliban take control of many cities in Afghanistan





The actions of the Taliban should never be admired, but the dedication of the Taliban is another story.

Officials like to refer to the two decades the U.S. had troops in Afghanistan as a 20-year war. After the first year however, it became more of a stabalizing peace keeping mission.

We kept the peace, and we protected women and children. But now we are gone. Things are quickly deteriorating, and life in Afghanistan is nearly back to the way it was before we arrived.


Taliban fighters
Taliban fighters are capturing cities across Afghanistan now that U.S. troops have left the country.
Behind closed doors

The Taliban obviously remained disciplined over the past 20 years.

With the amount the U.S. spent on the Afghan project, did we not know that their soldiers remained organized to the point that they could capture a dozen or more cities in just a few weeks.

This type of action does not happen without incredible organization. In the U.S., with every resource known to man, we cannot even successfully fight covid. Taliban soldiers, who were supposed to be on the run and out of action for the past 20 years, can again capture cities in the blink of an eye.

We even left the fighters with gifts. These costly items consist of tanks, helicopters and other equipment that will help the opressers regain total control in Afghanistan.


Helicopters the U.S. left behind in Afghanistan
The United States left helicopters, tanks and other valuable technoligy behind for Taliban fighters to overthrow the Afghanistan government and its people.
Women will pay the ultimate price

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Women will pay the ulitmate price of a Taliban takeover.
Women will pay the ulitmate price of a Taliban takeover.


Already, girls as young as 12 have been stolen from their families to become wives and sex slaves of Taliban soldiers. Mothers have had their eyes gouged out. Beheadings have reared their ugly head. U.S. and Canadian embassy employees, along with embassy employees of several other countries, are scurrying to get out of Kabul as the enemy of freedom advances ever so close to the capital.

I was against going into Afghanistan 20 years ago

But now I am against us leaving. Any normalcy we brought to the most vulnerable of their citizens, women, children and men who simply want to shave, has been diminished in a matter of weeks. Already a refugee crisis has developed.

As a matter of simple humanitarianism, should we not be there to keep this important region from being brought back to the dark age, with little girls becoming unwilling wives of killers.


Women and children in Afghanistan
Families already displaced in Afghanistan.


The dedication of the Taliban

Is something in which to marvel. And now that we know of this dedication, we need to show some of our own dedication to the women and children we have left behind to deal with this beast.


Afghanistan refugees
The Taliban is taking Afghanistan back to the dark ages.



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Map of Taliban control
This map shows how many cities the Taliban have conqured in just a few weeks.