Monthly Archives: July 2020

Money talks and the NHL listens

NHL officials all smiles after roping in new billionaires

    The National Hockey League was the last bastion of genuine goodness in North American professional sports. It had remained earnest and appreciative of being able to just play the game, as other professional sports leagues were selling out to the highest bidders. That gritty attitude came to an abrupt halt around 1995 because, well, money talks and the …

Acting like no lives matter

Protesters in NY City

    Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter. White Lives Matter. If all these lives matter, why are so many people acting like no lives matter … except of course their own? If you matter, so does the next guy But that is not what I am hearing. I am hearing people yell, my life matters while clashing with someone …

The NFL needs a reality check

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs gets a half billion dollar contract

  “He earned it,” said the girlfriend of a National Football League player who just signed a $503 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. The NFL needs a reality check and quickly. We are living in a new world, yet the NFL has yet to catch on. We have not even completed the first round of Coronavirus infection, with …