I kept notes for you over the weekend

The sign says to social distance but no one is listening



I kept notes for you over the weekend and all I can say is: Oy Vey.

The Memorial Day holiday is over, and soon we will be on to a long Fourth of July weekend. Americans did what they do best on Memorial Day weekend. They did what they wanted.

What were people thinking

We are phasing in the end of lockdown, but many people threw all caution to the wind. I think we are headed for that hockey player groin injury syndrome I spoke of in April.

High school pool party

The headline read: High School pool party sparks second surge of Coronavirus cases in Arkansas with the state recording a record spike in daily infections last week.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson reported new infections linked to the pool party.

Where are the parents in all this?  Which governor has said it was okay to restart mass gatherings? None of them have granted this permission.

Unmasked at North Carolina speedway

The headline read: More than 4,000 mask less fans pack the stands at a North Carolina raceway after sheriff refuses to enforce state’s Coronavirus lockdown orders the same day the state saw its highest increase in infections.

Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson said stay at home orders are unconstitutional. So, is it constitutional for me to tell folks from North Carolina not visit Nevada after it fully reopens? Please keep your germs where you live since you are so intent on mixing them.

Daytona Beach shooting and Missouri pool party

The headline read: Two people are shot dead during a Daytona Beach celebration while hundreds gather for a “Zero Ducks Given” pool party in Missouri as the U.S. sees wild Memorial Day weekend blowouts after lockdown is eased.


People gathering in large crowds during the holiday weekend

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C’mon now. Eased is the not the same as over.

China keeps doing what it wants

The headline read: You will feel more pain. China’s chilling new threat to devastate Australia’s economy if it supports America in a new cold war.

China should just keep quiet. It is not the most popular country or government right now and threatening Australia is kind of dumb. An article in the state-run Global Times said Australia should be quiet like India and stay out of the spat to avoid becoming collateral damage.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. There are people who believe this treatment from China is punishment over Australia’s call for an independent inquiry into the origins of Covid-19.

As far as we know, the virus originated in China. We need an independent investigation into a virus that has created so much worldwide loss and transformation.

I kept notes for you over the weekend and all I can say is: Oy Vey. America: Good luck getting over the Coronavirus.


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People frolicking on Memorial Day weekend