The Great Covid Divide Part Two

Crowds at college football games




I am seriously sick of saying the word covid. But here we are again, in the great covid divide part two.


Angry father screaming at school board
Here is an angry father screaming at a school board. Thankfully he didn’t bring zip ties to threathen a principal in Arizona like three men did.
So over it

I remember having to deal with people like this guy in the green shirt during endless government meetings, OY!!  Seriously, get over yourself. Good God!! The screaming and threatening will not change things in your favor; it is only going to create a possible heart attack and an arrest record.

And for those who do not believe there is a true divide, just look at this. Even sports are divided. College football games last week were packed with fans, no masks no vaccine mandates. Then there is the Las Vegas Raiders NFL team. Fans need to be vaxxed with a QR code on their phones to get into a game.


Fans packed into football game
Young people have always felt immune to covid. Unfotrunately now covid is striking elementary aged students, and schools are closing down early into the school year.


ESPN provided a game covid tracker after last week’s college football games.

I could not get the above ESPN link to open in Chrome. It did open in Microsoft Edge

Anyway, who do we believe?

It is hard for me to believe that just 25 percent of Americans are not covid vaccinated. Of the people I speak to on a regular basis, 50 percent are not. But our government claims 75 percent of Americans have received at least one shot. Not buying it.

Guess what else I am not buying? Even if all Americans get vaccinated, covid will disappear. We only need to look to Israel, a country that is already talking about a fourth booster shot, to know that even when the whole of a population is vaccinated, people are still getting covid.

It’s a nasty bug that shows no mercy

And President Joe Biden’s new vaccine requirements are not going to change the true 25-50 percent of those absolutely against the shot. Some may have been close to finally giving in, but his actions yesterday will see them dig in their heels even deeper. This new mandate will force businesses with 100 or more employees to require employes to get the vaccine or get weekly testing, which is expensive.


Biden calling the shots
Here Biden is attempting to call the “shots.” Good luck with that one.


Not a smart move by a president who is looking for anyway to pull his poll numbers up.

Some things have changed

Since I wrote the Great Covid Divide. The divide hasn’t changed but I am currently recovering from my own bout with covid. I have been out in the public working side gigs and sometimes in close contact with others, so I decided that I would get the shots. Well, that and in the event I ever wanted to do something where the shot was required. I wanted to be prepared.

There was a feeling of being squeezed and forced into it for one reason or another, which did in fact manifest itself yesterday with the new Biden mandates. So, I took the plunge with the Moderna shots.

I was just four days from my second shot, Moderna shots are spaced four weeks apart, when someone exposed to covid for two days prior, but in denial that it could be covid, infected another woman and me. And here in lies the number one problem.

It’s not just the flu

And even if it were just the flu, once you have been exposed for two days to anything that consists of covid symptoms, you cannot start using the same phones as others or computer keypads or touch the same doors or sit next to the unexposed for prolonged amounts of time.

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That is how covid spreads.


My shot is supposed to be 85 percent effective after the first dose. It had been more than three weeks, so it had time to fully kick in. The other woman was twice dosed with Pfizer. Neither vaccine prevented us from getting covid. In the right circumstance, that bug will break through any barrier.

These “breakthrough” cases make the vaccine a tough sell. Defenders of the vaccine can say, “Well, you got it from an unvaxxed person.” True, it was not the other woman or me who brought it in the room. But how do you explain Israel?

This was the model country for all to follow, and covid busted down those champion barriers without much of a fight.

My feelings remain the same

Anyone who reads me knows that I have zero trust in any government agency. So, with a grain of salt I say the FDA fully approved the Pfizer “vaccine.” The formula will be renamed to reflect a ridiculous new marketing concept that represents a quirky play on words.



Pfizer's vaccine
The Pfizer vaccine received FDA approval. But when the shots don’t stop covid, what good are they?


According to Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company wanted to emphasize COVID-19 immunization and the vaccine’s core mRNA technology. They also wanted to encompass “community” and “immunity” into the final product.

Give it a rest, Pfizer. This is a shot, not a community center production of the covid pandemic. The shot does not even stop covid ….

And here in lies the other problem

Some people have had mild breakthrough cases. My case was mild. I attribute that to my own proactive health routine and possibly because I already had one shot. I know others who have had mild cases with the shot and those with mild cases without the shot.

And there are those who have had two shots and a bad case of break through covid. So, who is right and who is wrong? The only thing we know is that covid is calling the shots.

So, instead of getting my second shot last week, I ended up with a swab up my nose. I am still getting the second shot, because I started the process to get the vaccine card and I am going to finish what I started. But I still only believe in my own proactive lifestyle to protect me.

And the next time someone I need to be in close quarters with tells me that he or she was at home all weekend with a sick spouse, I am running for the hills.

And I would suggest you do the same thing.

*Disclaimer for this post: This was a rough editing job. If you see typos, blame it on my lingering covid brain. It really does kind of mess you up.


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The new Las Vegas Raiders stadium
To be honest, I am hoping to get an invite to a game in the new stadium: hence the vaccine card.