Coronavirus spikes in many states as social distancing seems a thing of the past

This current map show where Covid-19 is spreading


As of late, I have noticed an increase in traffic on the roads along with greater activity in public places. Social distancing seems a thing of the past while covid-19 is currently spiking in many states.

Covid-19 is taking back the headlines. Cases have doubled in Alabama and South Carolina. Miami has paused its reopening and scientists increase their death toll forecast by 18 percent expecting 200,000 fatalities by October.

The data tells the story

The map above shows the current spread of the virus and the map below shows the increase in cases throughout the country.


This current map show the percent of new Covid-19 cases across the county

How will it affect the Fourth of July?

With increased traffic and activity, I was imagining a crowded Fourth of July at Lake Tahoe. I wonder now if that will happen. There does not seem to be is a clear message from the universe on how to proceed as social distancing seems a thing of the past for many while some remain under quarantine.

People are wearing masks at grocery stores but are not wearing them in restaurants. Wynn Las Vegas is opening its buffet on Thursday with touchless technology and physical distancing. It is the first buffet to open on the strip. Movie theaters in my area are not yet open. Professional sports leagues continue to grapple with how to finish seasons or start new ones.

And the virus comes full circle

Beijing has reportedly locked down about 30 communities this week with travel bans in place to stop a new outbreak. A Chinese scientist said this outbreak could be more infectious than the first round and believes the new strain came from Europe.

U.S. medical experts warned two months ago of a second Coronavirus wave this fall. I am not the expert and I continue to use precaution where needed. I can only say that life is nowhere back to normal and who knows when and if it ever will be.

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The last day things felt normal to me was Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday.  Ash Wednesday followed and I wondered how they would handle ashes in Catholic churches. Italy was in the early clutches of the virus. The world as I knew it changed on Feb. 28 when Switzerland entered full lockdown.

It has not been the same since.


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An empty movie theater on March 16, 2020