My seat in the back of the room

South Park kids during pandemic



My seat in the back of the room was the best. After so many years of covering the Wickenburg Town Council, I finally found a good seat in the back of the room.

The best part of sitting in the back of the room was that I could quietly say dumb ass as many times as I wanted and no one could hear me. After 14 years of torturous town council meetings, I said dumb ass a lot.

And I am going to say dumb ass a lot in the post. If you are offended, click the X on the top right corner.


Ike getting into trouble on the computer
Little Ike clicking X
Ugliness is born

Throughout the years, I sat in various locations in the room. When I sat in the middle of the folks, angst within me would start to build when I heard grumbling during the meetings. Quietly, but loud enough to hear, bits of ugliness began spewing.

It started slow, but like any other fast-moving train, it eventually picked up speed to the point where the police chief had to start removing people. It began quietly with the CAVE people, citizens against virtually everything, and then eventually turned mob mentality on anything this self-righteous growing group did not like.

So annoying. I mean, so annoying

Back then I was still in the mute box continuing to play nice, and I could not inform these people of my opinion. But here it is now: You were rude and obnoxious. Were your elected officials perfect? No. But are you? Were you? NO. You are and were not perfect, ever.

These same people would spout off about say Jo Blow, thinking Jo Blow was Peter Pan. Imagine Peter Pan’s surprise to learn he was being targeted by strangers for something he had no part of. This happened more than once. Sit down dumb ass.


South Park character sperading lies
‘Nuff said on this one.


The most annoying though was whenever annexation was on the table. Oy. You cannot imagine the ignorance inherit in so many people. Over and over, annexation after annexation, all different people spouting the same stupidity.

“You just want to get into my wallet,” always some guy standing up holding and shaking his wallet.

Sit down dumb ass

These were the same people who drove on the same roads, used the same services as town residents, but due to the side of their border they were still unincorporated. Finally, they would be taxed for the same things they had been using for free … Sort of like people complaining about getting kicked off Twitter when it has been at their fingertips free of charge.

These acts of public defiance have been growing around the country to what we saw a week ago, dumb asses breaking down the United States Capitol. Seriously, what were you all thinking? Every one of you at the very least were TRESPASSING.

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Cartman does not know about religion
Ummm … yeah. We have seen a lot of this lately


Here is a scenario, and any hockey fan will understand what I am saying. There are a couple of roles in the game of hockey. One of them is being a proficient scorer. One of them is being a goon. The proficient scorer gets the millions of dollars. The goon gets Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

For those who cannot understand big words, with CTE you will never understand what it means because your brain is deteriorating. You have heard the phrase, use it or lose it? Yeah, start using those brains for their intended use before you too end up with a bop on the head that gives you CTE.


South Park's Randy Marsh getting beat up for being dumb
Randy Marsh is always up for an act of dumb ass
Proper use of the brain always wins folks

The yelling, the screaming, the ridiculous statements eventually get you an arrest record because you start to think you can take your emotions to the highest level without consequences.

No, you cannot.

This morning as I began watching the impeachment hearings, I thanked the Good Lord above that I am no longer required to listen to dribble while I am covering an issue.

Like all of you who can click the X at the top right of this page, I can mute the TV as soon as the words DUMB ASS roll out of my mouth.


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Don't be a dumb ass
Seriously, being a dumb ass is entirely on you.


P.S. All of the memes ussed were created by others than myself.