Sussex Harry Sucks




Yeah, Sussex Harry Sucks.

Also #OprahWinfreySucks, #GlennCloseSucks and #AppleTVSucks.

The grief charade



The Grief Charade
People just keeping it real


It is off and running and people such as #OprahWinfrySucks and #SussexHarrySucks are helping to legitimize feeling sorry for yourself. Like we don’t have enough of this problem as it is? Now we have over-privileged people whining about their horrible lives and everyone at home crying about his or her horrible life then saying, “Yeah, not fair.”

Life is not fair

When are people going to get this concept? We all have pain and sorrow, grief and busted dreams. We all want to oft ourselves from time to time, and we all have at least one mental illness.

You are not unique

#SussexHarrySucks did not get enough “pay back” when his wife, the root of this acting out, went on television with #OprahWinfreySucks and cried about the racist and horrible royal family of England. Yawn.

Oh … and WHATEVER.

#SussexHarrySucks then gets his own mental health series on #AppleTVSucks to cry more about the torture he received as a kid from his father. Hey #SussexHarrySucks my father was my own personal prison warden.

At five, I was threatened over and over with the nun’s convent. At 13. I was threatened with jail and the home for wayward girls. I got no money for college. At 18 I was told to pay room and board or move.

And the last time I checked; I still had a loving relationship with the warden. I speak of him often on this blog. He shaped my life and taught me how to pull myself up and act like an adult and not act like, in the words of #SometimesSucksButNotAlwaysBillMaher, “A whiny little bitch.”

Have I whined? Absolutely. Have I cried? Yes, a bathtub full of tears. #SussexHarrySucks: You are not unique.


Cries about the tragic loss of his mother. Yes, it was very tragic. She was loved by many. But I believe #SussexHarrySucks does not watch any real news. He missed the story about the two tiny Central American girls tossed over a U.S. border fence by coyotes in the middle of the night in the middle of the desert and left there to possibly die.

Thank God the act was caught by border patrol, because those two innocent baby girls have no mother, no father, no brother, no grandmother, no money, no nothing.

But please, let’s all feel sorry for over-privileged #SussexHarrySucks.



Fake mental illness show
Yeah, #SussexHarrySucks, we see you. We see you had everything but still blame the world.

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#GlennCloseSucks cried too in this ridiculous so-called mental health series. Oh boo hoo. She said growing up in a cult ruined all her relationships. Again, I grew up in jail with a warden. My first sentence was being shoved in an incubator my first six days of life. So, guess what? Shut up! No one cares.

There is for sure a thing that is mental illness, every one of us has something and we should not make fun of mental health problems or exploit them. So, stop patting yourselves on your own backs for being a mental case. In the words of #IMostlyLikeHimButWonderIfHeHadDaddyIssuesWaylonJennings, “I have always been crazy but it kept me from going insane.”

Again… I am sorry but YOU ARE NOT UNIQUE.

Figure out what your problem is and work to resolve it. It will never fully disappear. These things are your birth marks. Me, I was finally able to put into words my exact mental problem.

Charmed Life Diva



A charmed life
Yes, many worldwide live charmed lives.



Yeah, that’s me., even living with a prison warden. This condition affects many around the world, female or male, and you too may share my mental condition. And so, when a charmed life diva does not see his or her life in the charmed state he or she has grown accustomed to, he or she goes into the “charmed life diva syndrome” and cries and pouts, woe is me.

Knowing that I am a charmed life diva, I can see and speak over it. The wife of #SussexHarrySucks is the poster child for charmed life diva. And now we have people out there who are addicted to their mental illness, who find it easier and okay to not pull themselves up by the bootstraps and take responsibility for their own lives.

Thanks #SussexHarrySucks, #OprahWinfreySucks #GlennCloseSucks #AppleTVSucks.

Oh, and by the way:

I have #CancelledSociety so #YouAreOnYourOwn and #IWillBeBackWhenIFeeLikeIt


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