Welcome to my world.

Across the globe and now in the U.S., everyone is home self-isolating.

It is not fun.

Approximately three and a half years ago, I was pretty much left for dead in an emotional state of despair. I immediately began to self-isolate. I moved to an area where I knew no one and the self-isolation continued. I took the plunge  in a new profession that has yet to catch on, so. I am still self-isolating.

Unfortunately, people self-isolate for a variety of reasons. Maybe those of us who have perfected the art can provide you newbies with tips on how to survive this mandatory shut down of life.

Everything we are now seeing around the globe, income gone, rationing of all supplies, wondering when the next check is going to arrive is basically what half the world’s population goes through daily. Now, everyone else is getting a glimpse of what it is like being the less fortunate.

Your first few days of self-isolation and rationing might seem refreshing. Give it a week or according to most of our governments, three weeks. Give it three plus years. My guess is most are not going to like it. Everything you have been doing has been brought to a halt, unless you are unfortunate enough to be employed by a grocery or big box store, where you have had to deal with rude, unruly, petrified and irrational customers.

I hope all of you who were so anxious to save yourself and hoard all you could are happy that you unnecessarily contaminated these poor folks on the front line. Forget the doctors, these retail clerks have taken the brunt of this insanity.
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The run on guns is now underway. I told you all this two weeks ago. These people must protect their toilet paper.

It was my birthday Friday and it was an interesting day. I defied the Coronavirus demands by leaving the house and sitting at Lake Tahoe for about four hours. There I focused on God’s beauty and not the disease of the enemy. I shook hands with two strangers. I got home and was yelled at on the phone by someone I trusted for 37 minutes and 45 seconds. Thank goodness for real friends at the end of the day who braved the store to get food to make me dinner.

The remainder of the weekend I continued to self-isolate as I watched the plug being pulled on life. Joining me now, the entire world is self-isolating.

Good luck with it y’all. Let me know if you need any survival tips.