The Great Covid Divide

The great divide



Here we go. We have another issue tearing up the country. The Great Covid Divide.

Covid took over the Divided States of America more than 15 months ago. It ruined businesses, took jobs, created mass depression, and it took the lives of those with weakened or compromised immune systems.

It also made big pharma and other big wigs big bucks.

Very much like the flu, but stronger and more contagious, most citizens of this country did their part to lessen the covid spread. They wore masks, social distanced, got depressed, lost their jobs and saw their businesses cave.


I think you hear what I am saying
So enough is enough

From day one, I defied covid. I shook hands with strangers in defiance of a germ. But I was a good citizen. I sacrificed my own healthy immune system by self-isolating and wearing masks. I did it to be a non-combative neighbor. But now that there is a shot for those who want one, I am done being a good sheep.

My question now for those who insist on everyone in this country being vaccinated is this: Haven’t we done our part in preventing the covid spread and now that you have a safety net, can’t you leave the rest of us alone?

Every time I hear someone in a comment section of yet another 1,000 covid stories say, “Just get the vaccination idiot,” I want to scream obscenities. You do you and I will do me! How about that!?

And now the NFL is in on the covid Fix

All one needs to do is read some of my stories to know how I feel about professional sports and professional athletes. But here is one time I will stick up for a player.

Buffalo Bills receiver Cole Beasley has been making what I deem a reasonable stink that there will be two sets of rules for NFL players this season. Those who have been vaccinated and those who have not.


Cole Beasley
Are you kidding me?

These are healthy young men who are being forced to get a shot to be with the rest of the guys. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

What is next? Every flu shot we all have to get? Every time some “health expert” says something, we all lose our own personal decision-making abilities and just believe?

If you have your vaccine, what are you afraid of? That is does not work. Of course it does not work to prevent covid. I personally have a friend who got the two-dose shot and had to continue wearing a mask and she still got it.

When did personal health responsibility go out the window? If you are sick, keep yourself at home and do not spread any number of diseases. If you want a vaccine, go get it. I am not an anti-vaxxer but I am anti making me get a shot I do not want or feel that I need.

I do have a brain by the way, so I do not need strangers who are making money off of human vulnerabilities telling me how to stay healthy, thank you.

Yay for the Supreme Court


The justices of the United States Supreme Court
The justices of the United States Supreme Court will probably have to decide between personal freedom and forced medical procedures


All this mandatory vaccine rubbish is going to land on the desk of the Supreme Court.

A group of hospital employees in Houston are planning on going all the way to the Supreme Court after being told to get the shot or find a new job.
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ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Wearing hazmat clothing at work is not enough?

Covid, like the flu, is never going away

Nevada is not even 50 percent vaccinated but nearly the entire state population identifies as being vaccinated. Yes, it is summer so bugs have less power over us, but the numbers are not going up.

Some say the decline is because of the vaccine. Yes, some people need the vaccine to prevent harsh symptoms, but some of us need to mix with other germs to keep our immune systems alive and working.

Just mixing it up again is controlling the spread by our own immune systems dealing with real life.

Once again

YOU DO YOU AND I WILL DO ME. You take responsibility for your own health, and I will take responsibility for mine. I refuse to be a Stepford Wife for you or anyone else.


Stepford Wives
Do you want to live a programmed life with no voice?


I did my part. There is now a vaccine. If you want it, I have no problem with you getting it. It is your choice. If you want to wear a mask until death do you part, fine. That is up to you too.

After that, leave me alone. I have the right to live the way I want. I do not go out of the house sick, and I take care of myself. That is all you need to know about me.

With the Great Covid Divide amongst us, I suggest those who see the value in personal freedom start standing up and taking a position against the tyranny of taking a shot or being on the outs or worse without a job.

I am not suggesting you grab your guns and head to your state houses. Grab your brains and your voices and be heard. Do not support organizations that do not support personal freedom.

You did your part in preventing the spread of a virus, now do your part in retaining freedom in this land of the free and the home of the brave.




Its over
Time to tear off the bandaid and start living



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Say it
Stand up for your freedom before you have none