A webinar with Senator Jacky Rosen

United States Senator Jacky Rosen of Nevada


It is no secret I am a passionate political observer. A webinar with Senator Jacky Rosen from Nevada remains a highlight of the week.

I am a few things. Besides a political advocate and a news reporter, I am a licensed Nevada realtor. That information can be found on the blog’s Real Estate page.

Many ingredients to combine

I am kind of a Janet of all trades, and those trades intersect one way or another. They came together in a fun way Monday afternoon. Nevada Realtors sponsored a Zoom video conferencing meeting with Sen. Jacky Rosen.

The National Association of Realtors, along with ride share execs, helped secure assistance for independent contractors through the March stimulus bill. The bill was authored by the United States Senate.

Realtors are independent contractors. As a realtor, the Zoom meeting was helpful and interesting. We received the most up to date information about the federal provision for unemployment and small business assistance.

Realtors are not the only ones waiting for the federal unemployment provision to kick in. The provision relates to all self-employed. This is important news to share with readers of the Janet Channel. It affects many people.

Gotta love Zoom video meetings

The Zoom video conference gave me a chance to get to know Jacky just a bit. She is sweet and full of life. I voted for her two months after moving to Nevada. She had the best commercial and I rarely watch networks with commercials. I am also not a big fan of political ads.

Jacky’s hard work, as well as that of U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto from Nevada, is valuable to the residents of our state and to our United States Congress. They bring tenacity, calm and energy to the table. Jacky said committee members know when they are in the room and I believe her. She said she is on the phone daily with Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak and I believe her.
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Thank you, Senator, for a great Zoom meeting. I appreciate your time. Thank you to all our government officials who are doing all they can to help us through this still-trying time. And thank you Nevada Realtors for a webinar with Senator Jacky Rosen.


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Zoom video conferencing helps people connect. Physicians are using it for video appointments.


Zoom video conferencing helps people connect