The making of a Janet Channel blog post

Photos are necessary for blog posts and scenic photos like this at Lake Tahoe are often welcomed


It might seem easy, but there are a ton of steps that go into the making of a Janet Channel blog post.

Let us not forget first the leg work involved in creating the platform to share the posts. I discussed that process in a previous story.

Content must be created once the canvass has been laid.

It is not Facebook

Nothing against Facebook but ranting here is much harder than ranting there. When a user speaks his or her mind on Facebook, it is generally not a planned statement and is similar to commenting on The Daily Mail site. Planning and producing a post for The Janet Channel is a professional effort.

In order to keep things civil, comments on the blog have been turned off. Required to expose my identity, I expect the same from those who would like to comment. People tend to get ugly when they cannot be identified.

So, authorship authenticity is one thing you can count on at The Janet Channel.

The next step

Next comes the writing of the piece. First I find a topic that inspires me to start typing. There is research and I locate shareable links. I look for pictures to match the post and I write the story. Then comes the hard part: The dang WordPress editor.

Oy Vay

Never have I ever had such a stringent editor. Between the readability and SEO requirements, this AI (Artificial Intelligence) editor leaves not many stones unturned. It checks for extra long sentences, passive voice and sub headings.

The passive voice feature in the WordPress editor haunts me. I would like for it to be back in Microsoft Word, which is where all my writing starts. Bottom line is that I am now writing to please the WordPress editor.


A series of photos such as this one from Lake Tahoe often help complete a blog post


The three parts

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There are three parts to producing a blog post. One is writing it. Two is editing it. Three is circulating it. My least favorite part is editing, and circulating is easy.

After I have written the piece, I copy and paste it into WordPress. Added to posts are photos and they must be identified in background settings for visually impaired users with screen readers. I satisfy the editor and then I start previewing what it will look line online and do final proof reading. Final proof reading, by the way, should be done by someone who has not been looking at the copy all day.

The SEO (search engine optimization) editor requires a key phrase, which is why you will see a redundant key phrase in my stories. It requires a Google preview. All my posts now publish properly since learning how to achieve readability and SEO green lighting.


When the post is ready to publish, I copy all my work into the front page of the blog. New blog posts are published to the landing page of The Janet Channel unless there is ongoing breaking news. There is a broadcast feature to send email updates to subscribers and I would then edit the front page by adding current information to the top of the page.

As an added layer of security, I copy the fully edited copy from WordPress into the MS Word document before closing the app. After posting story links to Facebook and Twitter and updating my site menu, the process is finally complete.

The entire ordeal takes anywhere from 4-6 hours, sometimes longer. Ranting on Facebook or The Daily Mail takes four to six minutes.

So, this is the making of a Janet Channel blog post. I hope you gained some insight into how a professional story/blog post goes from an idea to the world wide web for anyone to see.


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Pictures are always a welcome companion to blog posts, even scenic photos from Lake Tahoe