Free speech 101

Bill of rights



Do they still teach civics in high school? I am thinking not. So here goes: FREE SPEECH 101.


Speech 101
Speech 101


I beg you to read the definition of free speech from the above highlighted link. It is authored by the National Constitution Center.

The confusion

Currently people are confusing free speech violations with cause and effect, otherwise now known as woke/cancelled.



The freedom of speech and the press amendment to our constitution applies to government only. It basically says the government cannot jail individuals or the press for speaking against it. This amendment does not apply to private companies or individuals outside the government.

And even with this freedom of speech amendment comes limitations like threats and such. Also note that individuals and businesses can be slammed with slander or libel lawsuits over speech.

I hear people complaining about free speech violations when what they are really complaining about is the outcome of cause and effect.

I lived it my whole life

If there is anyone who knows cause and effect, it would be me. I was grounded every weekend in the seventh grade. And before smartphones, WIFI, social media or the woke cancel culture, I was cancelled.

My actions, only words but lots of them, led to the arrest and conviction of a highly placed individual. But guess what? After that I became blacklisted. I cold not get work, and I had to persevere until finally someone gave me a break. I had to play nice for 24 years. It was play nice or sink.

Did I like it? No, I helped put a person in prison. I should have been rewarded but instead I was smacked down. Playing nice, however, was better than sinking.

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Use words responsibly
Words are powerful. Use responsibly.
Did I cry?

No. I played the game. I played nice, learned a lot and finally I am no longer required to play nice with the big boys. This is my platform and I pay the associated fees and take the associated risks. I also get cancelled on a regular basis.

So, I know about cancellation. Currently the president is being cancelled by the guys who own the platforms he has been using for years for free. Cause and effect. Are these big tech guys smug thugs? Yes, of course they are. But guess what? They can do it.

Yelling will only take you so far


Yelling into a megaphone
Change your argumement. Change your strategy.


These platforms provide easy access to our everyday world and these big guys call a lot of shots. Big guys have been calling the shots forever. You can cancel them anytime. And the next time you cancel something, remind yourself that it was your right to do so.

I am not trying to say who is right or wrong or even what might or might not be fair. I am simply trying to hammer home the distinction between free speech violation and cancellation/cause and effect.

If you want to complain about outcomes of cause and effect, have at it because there is plenty of debate to be had. But this is not a case of violating free speech. It is part of the cancel culture we have all been a part of since the dawn of man.

There is an easy answer to this situation

Build your own platform; create your own terms. Done. Or, you could play nice.

I am not advising you to do anything I have not already had to do. I am just telling you how the game is played.


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Words have consequences.