Joe Biden is like a bad husband

Joe Biden is like a bad husband








Yeah, Joe Biden is like a bad husband. He cuts and runs; he deserts those who have come to rely on him and then he blames his victims.

As chaos has sprawled out of control in Afghanistan, our bad husband in chief stood squarely behind his decision to let an entire nation hang over his choice to pull the U.S. military out of a country; a county that has come to depend on us for safety.


Tailban ruling the streets
Tailban are once again ruling the streets with deadly weapons.
Before the whiners start to whine

Please note that the United States has been protecting South Korea from tyranny since 1957, and we have been protecting Europe since 1917. We protect Mexico and Canada daily. Apparently, Afghanis are not worth protecting.

President Joe Biden did not have to pull our troops out of Afghanistan, and he knows it. He compared us leaving Afghanistan to us leaving Vietnam. Give me a break. That is comparing apples to oranges.

And as we watch a terrorist haven develop in Afghanistan and we are again attacked, look to our bad husband because it will be on him.

Messages that will never be heard

I wish I could get a message across to all Afghans that I am in their corner. If there was anything I could do personally to help them I would. Seeing women desperately crying to the last remaining American soldiers to help them shatters my heart.



Women desperate to get out of Afghanistan
Women are pleading with our remaining troops to help them escape.

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Already, women have been beaten up for protesting.


Women beat in Afghanistan
This woman was in defiance of the Taliban and got beaten for her actions.


Young men beaten in front of their families. And the killings are racking up.


Boy gets beatn by Taliban
Boy gets beatn by Taliban as his family hovers in fear.


Joe Biden is like a bad husband, and I have always said, if you can’t be a good husband, you certainly cannot be a good president. It is going to be a long remaining three years with him at the helm. I hope he enjoys his time because he won’t get another chance.

Too many people are on to you, Joe.


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The west's empty promise.
Like a bad husband who promises to protect, Joe Biden cut and runs, leaving the Afghanistan citizen to a life of pain and sorrow.