Where were the cops?

Guys scaling the walls of the United States Capitol.



I must ask this question about yesterday’s display of unrest at the United States Capitol building. Where were the cops?

(For the record, I have been against the defund the police movement. However, after print reporting from cop shops for 14 years, I can say I feel strongly about bad cops being weeded out of the system.)

Five times I asked out loud

As I was watching the spectacle unfold, the burning question on my mind was, “Where are all the cops?”

Well, we know the whereabouts of one of them.


Officer takes selfie with intruder
This officer took a selfie with a terrorist posing as an intruder.


D.C.’s mayor had requested the National Guard for the city several days prior, so they were surely nearby. This is Washington DC, for the love of God. Was the fix in, or are we just this lame? Should not the National Guard been able to respond to the Capitol building within 10-15 minutes? It was being swarmed.

And why did Vice President Mike Pence have to be the one to call the National Guard? Where was the best president we have ever had? Watching TV and sending messages of love to his terrorist minions?

Imagine for a second

That you had a family member in that building. I was afraid for the people inside, and the world at large, and I am 2,600 miles away.

But, where were they? This is the nation’s capital and for hours we saw almost no law enforcement. The crowd was growing exceptionally large prior to the siege. The police on duty, after Don Corleone’s mob bust through their barriers, were trying to keep safe all those inside.




Busted barriers at the U.S. Capitol
Busted barriers at the U.S. Capitol



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Crowds grew quickly at the U.S. Capitol
Crowds grew quickly at the U.S. Capitol


Where were the helicopters dropping tear gas?

While these people were practicing their climbing skills, why was not teargas rained down upon their little heads? Where was the National Guard? Do you not think that our enemies around the world are now not thinking, “Wow, if I knew it was that easy?”


Protesters climb the walls of the United States Capitol
Skilled protesters take to the walls of the U.S. Capitol building. REUTERS/Stephanie Keith TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY


Shame on whomever is responsible for this disgrace

Someone is to blame for this failure. And perhaps we were lucky that this breach came from those mostly wanting to simply mouth off and to flout their alleged testosterone. How hard would it be for busloads of any kind of terrorists, even more of yesterday’s, to do much worse?

The more we get to see from yesterday, the more we are a laughingstock around the world. We cannot even protect one of the most important and storied institutions in this country. Or is the answer that the guy in charge did not want to?

They climbed, they broke, they tossed papers and they made a mockery of our security. Who needs Russia and China when we have our own enemy starring us in the face?


Wanted by the FBI
Characters wanted by the FBI


Additional bad actors wanted by the FBI
Additional bad actors wanted by the FBI



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