The High Road

Yes, take the high road.

Did y’all watch the State of the Union Address last night?

I didn’t.

I never do. I am not into canned speeches, and the behavior of our elected officials during these events is generally enough to keep me from watching. That said, I am a news-aholic so I know what goes on, and last night was one of the toppings on the cake of bad behavior.

A snubbed handshake by President Donald Trump to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and then Nancy Pelosi tearing up Donald Trump’s speech right as it concluded. A nice tit for tat.

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For real? Is this where we have decided to go in this year of 2020? Two of the world’s most powerful individuals on the big stage and we are reduced to a nationally televised Twitter spat. There is a high road somewhere near the two of them, and they would find that on the high road is where real victory lies.

You know what gets a person off the high road? Pride. Bud’s uncle in Urban Cowboy referred to it as “One of the seven deadlies.”

I have had to take the high road a number of times in my life. There have been times my high road has gone low, so I can tell you that taking the high road matters. Regardless of what side anyone falls on, last night was a disgraceful display by both.

Grow up already, please! Teach our children about respect and not sandbox antics. They get enough of that without your help.