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Holy Weatherman is it hot

God's weather can be challenging

    I will say that again. Holy Weatherman is it hot. How is everyone? Hoping all is well during this blazing U.S. summer. It is 123 degrees in Death Valley Yes, you heard that right, it is 123 degrees in Death Valley. It is 118 in Needles California, 113 in Phoenix, 102 in Los Angeles, 100 degrees in Spokane, …

Herd Immunity for covid-19

Beautiful Regan Beach South Lake Tahoe California

  Achieving Herd immunity for Covid-19 is a good goal, but it cannot be achieved without a vaccine. Vaccinated people protect the few who are not. Mumps, chicken pox and other infectious diseases are examples of achieved Herd Immunity through vaccination. As an outcome, Herd Immunity is a noun. I have started using Herd Immunity as a verb, as in: To …