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The United States of Destruction

The US braces for elelction day violence

  Yep, folks, this is who we are. The United States of Destruction. Broken America I said it earlier this year when The Daily Mail wrote a headline saying, “Broken America,” that we have always been broken. We industrialized off the backs of slaves and minorities, creating victims of progress. We have already endured a civil war, so we have …

The honor of voting

Election 2020

  Have you voted yet? I voted live earlier today, and I was sort of overcome with the honor of voting. These tumultuous times Have brought people out to feel the honor of voting. I have been voting since I was legally old enough to vote, and I do not think I have ever missed an election. I once voted …

I love being a Rockstar

I love being a rockstar

    Yes, I love being a Rockstar. This post goes out to my friend Ronnie, who is a player in my game. He always reminds me of who I am, and his timing is usually perfect. Janet of all traits “Faith Hulk Witchy Louis Lane Rock Superstar,” is how Ronnie referred to me this morning in our messenger group …