For the Good of the Game

For the good of the game

This is what it looks like after one gets a groin injury


Okay, so thank the good Lord I have never experienced a groin injury. That said, as a hockey girl since the seventh grade, I know a lot about groin injuries.

Right now, this planet is experiencing one big fat groin injury. Ya know how I know this. We are seeing people get restless and want to swing open the doors of the economy, while medical specialists/scientists warn to take it slow.

Do you know how many hockey players I have seen over my lifetime pull a groin, a month or less later get totally restless and go back to the game when the injury is not fully healed? I have seen this so many times. And then the player re injures the groin, and he is out of the game again.

Is this what we want to see happen after all we have already sacrificed over this nasty virus? I understand the angst. I am a human being living on this planet and my life has also been affected by the lockdown. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is pushing to have Vegas open sooner than later. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak says no.

Phasing in will be what most likely works, and opening Las Vegas is kind of the final phase of the plan. Had the governor not closed the casinos in Nevada when he did, we would be New York. He was wise enough to shut off the gaming and call house arrest before the spread got here full force.
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So, while I sympathize with Las Vegas, its mayor and everyone else who is getting antsy, do not be a hockey player groin injury. Heal properly for the good of the game.

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