Let the protests begin

People defiant of Covid-19 rules

I was hoping to save the hockey player groin injury  post for today, but I saw the story popping Friday. I wanted to get in front of it.

Kind of like when I told you all in February that Mercury went retrograde so hold on to your electronics and your minds. Sorry Christian friends. Mercury is a real thing and it does present the allusion of traveling backwards while it is syncing and correcting its speed. As the Earth houses us, the Sun keeps us warm and alive, and the Moon controls our tides. Mercury retrograde can challenge our mental state.

The last time a Mercury retrograde phase (they last about three weeks) created this much loss/panic/bad decisions was when Samsung released its Note 7 blow up phone. That was 2016. It was a great phone. I still have one. Samsung made a bad situation worse by doing a double recall of this phone during a Mercury retrograde period.

The Note phone, Samsung’s flagship, was dead in the water for the entire year. The Note 7 was retired within a month. It was kept off planes. Everyone was afraid of it. I saw the writing on the wall with that one. I still think sabotage was involved in the Note 7 incident. A lot of people think sabotage was involved with the Coronavirus.

Worldwide lock downs began during our most recent Mercury retrograde (there are about four of these phases a year) and here we are, we are still locked down and people are taking to the streets to protest.

I am a protester, so I cannot ethically “fault” other protesters. But sometimes a protest is not based on accurate information. All states have an open-strategy in the works. Definitive dates have not yet been released in New Jersey and California, at least as of this past weekend. But with the groin story, an attempt to recover too quickly could cause further injury.

Protesters should go to each other’s homes and enjoy a movie and some food, and just give it a few more weeks. The process to unlock is planned. We will not be locked down forever. If the protesters know there is a strategy in place to give them what they want, which makes me think they do not know since they are protesting for something that is planned, then what is the point of protesting? It is basically just stirring up nasty emotions on both sides of the debate.

Listen, I know you want out. I have been out a few times and feel better for it. But I am not a virus expert and I have not put myself or anyone else at risk while I was out. People need to cope with this for just a few more weeks.

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I had done it for the past 12 months and I thought with the help of a bustling world I would finally be getting back into the swing of things. I have been put on hold too, so I know what I am talking about. I know what you are feeling, I know your stress.

We are in this boat together brothers and sisters. I am as defiant as the next guy, but even I am giving into the experts and having faith that each of our states will know when it is time to pull back the curtains. Have mistakes been made? Maybe. We will not know until we can really evaluate this pandemic. This was all new for everyone, and guess what? No one is perfect.

We all win when we look back a year from now and see we are all still blessed.

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