5 of 8

Are the number of days I have been among other humans. Five of the past eight days I was out of the house and it has done great things for my immune system. It has made it start working again.

My immune system tends to get lazy when allowed. I usually get the sickest when I have been around the least amount of people. Every airborne particle finds the virgin host, which puts me in constant combat mode.

I knew last week would be a challenge. I had monthly grocery shopping one day, an ultrasound on my thyroid (it is fine) the next, blood work (routine for the thyroid) the following day  and then a full day at Lake Tahoe. I wondered if my system would be strong enough to fight off four consecutive days out with every imaginable germ surrounding my every step.

I felt like the nasty virus was going to peak at Easter, and I believed it would Passover my household. Of course, real life Passover took place last week.

After getting back from Lake Tahoe on Saturday, I knew I would be back to self-isolation for another six consecutive days. I was not happy with that prospect. Yesterday, I decided to go back to the lake for a couple of hours. I went to Cave Rock, which is closer to me and where I get my most outstanding lake pictures. The feature photo in this post was taken yesterday at the beach part of Cave Rock. The lighting makes it almost look fake or old.

The parking area of Cave Rock is where all the deep photos of the lake come from. Standing on the rocks at that location during the summer makes you just want to leap in. It is so tempting.

Anyway, long story short, when I woke up this morning, I was spitting like I had just fought off a bug. I know, gross, sorry, but I generally will feel bad, pop 1-3 doses of Mucinex DM regular strength and when the germ dies I spit out the remains.

This morning out of nowhere I was spitting, even though I had not felt anything for several days or taken any Mucinex. I guess these past five of eight days were a good test of my immune’s quick response system. I am not saying that I am going to go out and be reckless. We are still getting new cases of the nasty bug here in Carson City. I am just saying that it has been advantageous for me to be around others, even during lockdown. It has given my immune system a reason to wake up and battle on its own.

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Clear as water

Clear as water

You can see the rock I am standing on in the feature photo. I took this picture for my friend in Virginia. She always marvels at the clarity of Lake Tahoe. Everything in this photo, except for the exposed rock I am standing on is under water.


Is it real or is it fake?