David Wright

David Wright


Who is David Wright? I had never heard of him until yesterday. David Wright is an ABC News Washington correspondent who is not allowed verbalize any of his feelings, ever, because he is in the Mute Box

Yes, I used to be in the Mute Box, where I was never allowed to express my feelings about anything news related out of fear of offending someone or worse, losing a job. David Wright’s big mistake was trusting a stranger … A stranger from Project Veritas.

Project Veritas, according to Wikipedia, is an American right-wing activist group. Wikipedia says the group uses disguises and hidden cameras to uncover supposed liberal bias and corruption. The group is known for producing deceptively edited videos about media organizations and left-leaning groups.

Apparently, this “project” decided to go undercover and they coaxed this correspondent into a conversation. They recorded him without his knowledge, which is legal in the state it took place. Recording others without their knowledge is legal in most states.

Apparently, David Wright spoke at length about his political views, declaring himself a socialist and appeared to criticize his own network for how it chooses to present the news. Then ABC News suspended him.

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Wow … cheating spouses and supervisor sexual predators get more leeway than this guy got.

This is an example of why the truth is hard to come by and why you will never get the truth from ABC News. This is an example of why publications like The Los Angeles Herald Examiner  have been killed off or shoved into the Mute Box. No one can say anything anymore without fear of retribution or termination from their jobs.

ABC obviously does a horrible job with the truth. If not, David Wright would not have been suspended for having a conversation with a sneaky bunch, ready to plunge a knife into his back. When people are fired, suspended or demoted for having thoughts and feelings, and God forbid expressing them in private, the person in charge is definitely not in favor of the truth.

For the powers at ABC news, lies and deceit (which took place to get the recording) are so much more valuable than the truth. Think about that the next time you reach for your remote and turn on ABC for news. It is not news. Oh wait, maybe it is fake news.