Daily Mail: The new Los Angeles Herald Examiner

Daily Mail: The new Los Angeles Herald Examiner

I used to LOVE waking up in the morning, brewing a pot of coffee and sitting down with my Los Angeles Herald Examiner. I would wake up while it was still dark and spend at least an hour or more reading the newspaper.

The Herald Examiner was no softball publication. No, the Herald Examiner told people what was really going on in Los Angeles. The L.A. Times, a newspaper at one time I wanted to work for more than I wanted to breathe air, was and still is, the corporate version of news. Had the Herald Examiner still been in business when I took my writing show professional, my sights would have been set on the Examiner and I most likely would have gotten a chance there because we had the same personality.

Where I lived in L.A. County, our local softball was the Daily Breeze. For a number of years, I worked as a school photographer at various schools in the L.A. area. I worked with a number of women who also lived in my beach neighborhood. We worked in some pretty tough neighborhoods, where in Los Angeles there are many, and I would always bring my trusty Herald Examiner with me to work and I would let the ladies read it while we drank our coffee.

They were shocked every morning when they would read what was going on just five to 10 miles from their homes. Sadly, many advertisers do not want to put their money into truth. Truth is ugly and advertisers are selling fake and air brushed. So the Examiner went away due to lack of revenue and the metropolis of Los Angeles basically got put in the dark. Readers were not going to get the truth from the Times, and certainly not the Breeze or any other regional newspaper.
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Things are different now. With online news presence, which turned the traditional newspaper business on its fanny, the truth can be told again. I refer to the Daily Mail often in my posts because that is where I have to go to get news. I learned of the Daily Mail in a newsroom, so yeah, I am not the only one who goes there. And yes, a British news company is more willing to tell Americans about America than any news agency in America. Uh …. Kind of pathetic.

So, for my readers, this is where I come in. You don’t have to go to the Daily Mail. It is loaded with cheap web ads that slow your devices down, but I will tell you what is going on. You might not like what is going on, but if you would like to not live under the rock 24/7 you can come to me for a quick peek and I will let you know what is happening.