Coronavirus affecting my friend

Coronavirus affecting my friend

Yes, the Coronavirus is affecting individuals and businesses across the world. The stock market is plunging, and airlines have started offering Coronavirus fear-related refunds. There is a recently diagnosed Coronavirus case in Sacramento, which is 100 miles southwest of where I am located in Nevada. And now there is a direct link of concern between the Coronavirus and me, which is through one of my longest known friends Chris McSorley.

Chris and I go back to our inline hockey days. He was a coach and manager and I reported for all the inline hockey publications. Chris has been coaching and managing professional ice hockey in Switzerland for many years. As with any business in our world economy, his team has undergone many changes over the past handful of years … and money is tight.

This morning as I was going through the news, I saw the headline that said the government in Switzerland was calling for a ban on any  public or private event with more than 1,000 people due to the Coronavirus. My first thought was, “Whoa … what is Chris going to do? How can any of the teams in his league afford this? The playoffs are right around the corner.”

And his team, The Geneve-Servette HC, is doing well this year.

I do my daily check of the Grenet (the French team name) so I naturally checked this morning to see how this ban was going to be handled. At least for this weekend (though the ban has been issued through March 15) the teams in the Swiss National Hockey League will play to empty buildings.

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The Coronavirus is a big deal folks. It is affecting people of all walks of life in all parts of the world. It is probably time everyone starts to do his or her part in the prevention of this disease and other diseases as well. The diagnosed case in Sacramento is a patient who has not traveled or been in contact (that he or she knows of) with any other Coronavirus person. It is spreading just like any other nasty bug, but this one is more powerful and deadly than a regular flu virus.

We can come together and nip this in the bud, but only if we all work at it. The customs that breed these pandemic diseases need to come to an end. No judgment here, but where they start is not in question. We are all forced to make changes in life, and this includes traditions that are creating world havoc.

That said, I personally send the Swiss National League my best wishes for getting through this financial crisis. And I send my prayers to my friend Chris and his team. You guys have been though a lot. You can get through this too.