Are you all ready for the 2020 presidential elections?

US 2020 elections are important worldwide


Election day is just a mere week away, Tuesday, Nov. 3. Are you all ready for the 2020 presidential elections?

All of 2020 has been so strange, it seems surreal for sure. People are early voting this year in record numbers. This makes me happy. As a registered nonpartisan voter, my goal is that people vote and get involved in the process.

For too long people have sat back and used the excuse, “My vote does not matter.”

Of course your vote matters

What does not matter is your opinion if you do not vote. Voting involves you in the process that dominates your existence. Don’t you want to be a part of that? Or do you prefer to just go down without any input at all?

Yelling, complaining, breaking windows, drawing weapons on your neighbor, none of this holds nearly as much weight as a simple vote. How do you think the current president got to the White House? He did not wave a magic wand.

President Donald Trump sits in the White House because people voted for him. Look at all he has done, for good or for bad, and he has been able to do this because enough people voted for him.

Surely something he has done for good or for bad has had some type of impact upon your life.

Not here to tell you how to vote

I am here to tell you TO vote. Hard core Republicans or Democrats could easily take issue with the third of all registered voters, the nonpartisan vote, for not standing with one of their sides.

Yes, we represent a third of registered voters and we have our own side: We are the middle section. We would love a major say in Congress, but this country is not yet ready for that scenario. So instead we use our power at the polls, and we can make or break a candidate.

We are generally ignored throughout election season and then blamed for getting in the way and blowing it for the loser.

Well, my girl did not make it to the prom

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard


No, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii did not make it to the big show. When she dropped out of the race, I was convinced I would write her in on principal. She is who I would like to see run our country.

But this election is too important to stick up for my personal principals. It is not often I vote for one of the two major candidates. But this I believe is a crisis election and my vote is too important to waste.

So, to the dismay of my family and friends who are Trump supporters, I will be voting for Joe Biden.

It is not the man, it is the message

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It is not the man it is the message


I have seen a lot in 62 and a half years. I have been a reporter almost since birth. It is within my skill set to see the world around me and the results of cause and effect. We all have our own gifts, you included.

What I see with Donald Trump is chaos. I hate chaos, and I avoid it at all costs. When I voted for Ronald Regan I did so because I saw Jimmy Carter as a nice man but one who could not scare away a cat.

We were being held hostage by Iran at the time and we needed someone willing to take the necessary action to get our citizens out of harms way. That is what led me to vote for him.

I am voting for Joe Biden because I want peace. I want the leader of this country to be dignified and not an instigator. The R or the D in front of a name means absolutely nothing to me. It is not the man; it is the message.

Again, not here to tell you how to vote. I am just providing accountability to my readers, so they know where I stand on the issue as important as the United States presidency.

Election day is just a mere week away, Tuesday, Nov. 3. Are you all ready for the 2020 presidential elections?


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