Acting like no lives matter

Protesters in NY City



Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter. White Lives Matter. If all these lives matter, why are so many people acting like no lives matter … except of course their own?

If you matter, so does the next guy

But that is not what I am hearing. I am hearing people yell, my life matters while clashing with someone else yelling, my life matters. Instead of yelling me, me, me, why not yell out, hey friend, your life matters!

Wow, wouldn’t that be a surprise to the guy or girl screaming at you? But do you have what it takes to be the bigger person in the room? Can you put aside your ego for just one minute and jump into your opponent’s shoes and find common ground?

It all boils down to enormous egos

The root of all evil is the ego. No one wants to give an inch, no one wants to take the high road. No one wants to just walk away without being right. Can anyone be right all the time? No. Sometimes you must give a little to get a little. None of this is giving.





This country is not flexible. Its citizens are constantly fighting with each other over their personal agendas, showing no courtesy or respect toward each other. Police departments are not flexible, as they resist change. Nearly 30 years after the Rodney King beatings, the same police behavior continues.


Police families protest to back the blue


Jon Bon Jovi wrote a song expressing the same sentiments.


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I am not going to say great minds think alike

But more of us than not are about fed up with the shenanigans taking place in this country today. It is time to pull up your big girl and boy pants and start making some changes in how you view and treat others.

It does not matter if you are green, blue, orange, black, white, brown, purple, we are in this together. Have you not figured that out yet? Why are so many acting like no lives matter but their own?

It is time to change, and leading the charge is the responsibility of our elected officials and our social leaders. Y’all need to take a seat at the table and work these things out before it is too late. We are heading for a cliff; don’t you see?


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This jackass tied a noose around his truck gate and said it was a leash for his dog.
What do you think that looks like? This jackass tied a noose around his truck gate and said it was a leash for his dog.