I love being a Rockstar

I love being a rockstar



Yes, I love being a Rockstar.

This post goes out to my friend Ronnie, who is a player in my game. He always reminds me of who I am, and his timing is usually perfect.

Janet of all traits

“Faith Hulk Witchy Louis Lane Rock Superstar,” is how Ronnie referred to me this morning in our messenger group chat.

Since my last post, which was a while ago, I three times attempted to write about serious subjects. But you know what? I am just not in the mood. This world is so nuts right now and Mercury went retrograde yesterday. It remains retrograde until Monday before election day. So yeah, I have plenty of time to address crazy.

Today, I want to talk about my game family and what it is like to be a Rockstar.



A family found in the nick of time

It probably seems odd that a family can be built around a phone game. Families are usually built around the dinner table but when no one else is at your table, you build wherever you are led.

When I came upon West Game, I was on the edge of going bonkers. I went from a high paced life filled with tons of human interaction to basic isolation. Therefore, I was able to speak of isolation when covid first locked us down.

I started playing West Game to get away from a bubble game I still play here and there. Once I started playing West Game, I realized there was human interaction and it did not take long to start meeting people.

It also did not take long to form my own game alliance. That alliance has been growing for about 15 months. There are serious bonds of friendship that have been built between the members of the alliance as well as with past members and those in other alliances altogether.


West Game and my main account
This is West Game. Our alliance is sprawled out a bit. We are not huge but we are sturdy and stable.

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There are so many different game styles

Not everyone wants to play with us, but many who have left our alliance for other alliances remain good friends. Like Zoom classes and meetings, we use technology to connect. This is not the first human interactive game created, but more and more people are finding something they need through these game friendships.

West Game participants, and there are many across the world, were already established in the game when covid struck. We are getting to know each other better without even being in the same room. We mourn deaths, celebrate births and care about each other’s wellbeing.


online friends are real friends


Thank you Ronnie for reminding me

Ronnie is not the first person to refer to me as a Rockstar. The first time he called me this, I told him it is my favorite of all nicknames.

I am a Rockstar and I love being a Rockstar. In this insane world we now live, it is hard to remember this about one’s self. Challenges can be daunting and life is not easy for anyone.

On that note, I wish you all a Rockstar weekend. Be safe and be smart. Oh, and hang on to your hats … it is going to be a wild and crazy ride the next few weeks.

P.S. I believe the last time I told you to hang on to your Mercury hats, we were on the verge of covid collapse and we let it take us down.


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A wild time is expected ahead


My West Game hero lineup
This is my West Game hero lineup.