The honor of voting

Election 2020


Have you voted yet? I voted live earlier today, and I was sort of overcome with the honor of voting.

These tumultuous times

Have brought people out to feel the honor of voting. I have been voting since I was legally old enough to vote, and I do not think I have ever missed an election. I once voted for my cat Peanut for president. That was my message to the two candidates. I believe they were George Bush and John Kerry.

I have voted all over the map: hence my commitment to nonpartisanship. I exam every issue individually and each candidate for what he or she brings to the table. Remember, I may have told you in the past that when my dad and I argued over politics and social issues, he called me every name in the book.


Nasty words while calling someone names


Name calling is not productive

Except Republican

Nope, he never called me Republican. In one argument, he managed to call me a Democrat, a Communist and a Socialist within 60 minutes. And then there are Democrats who think I am Republican. My DNA is consistent with Republican for sure. I can be aggressive/animated, and Republicans are more aggressive than Democrats.

I have a bit of a bleeding heart though, which makes seem softer and more liberal. It is kind of that wolf in sheep’s clothing thing … sorry, somewhat a private joke.

Even at the newspaper

Newspaper readers critical of reporters


Readers thought they knew exactly where I stood on things even though I avoided writing editorials like the plague. I worked seriously hard at keeping my news stories as just the facts. Had I written an editorial, they would have weaved my thoughts and opinions into all my news stories. No thank you. People are stubborn enough about what they think, I did not need to provide any fuel for their fires.

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But not anymore. My only requirements when I write now are to not lie, not swear, and to always be professional. Talking to me on text … that could be an entirely different story. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Speaking of wolves

Protection for gray wolves has been removed by our federal government. Some people such as ranchers are probably cheering. I get that there is a conflict of interest between people in the meat industry and wolf conservationists.

I do not eat meat, so I can be on the side of the wolves.


Gray wolves are no longer protected by the federal government

One last thing

I announced a voter PSA on Facebook earlier today regarding secrecy sleeves contained in mail in ballot packages.

There are states that will toss your mail in ballot if it is not received in the secrecy sleeve. You still have until Tuesday to vote if you believe your ballot could be tossed. If you have questions, contact your secretary of state’s office Monday. Do not give up the honor of voting over of a technicality.

Happy Halloween and stay safe. Happy Nevada Day. And finally, Happy Birthday Aunt Helene.

I hope you all have a super cool witchy weekend. See you Monday in election runup.


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