The time is upon us

Don't forget to vote


We are electing a president of the United States today. Only once every four years can we say the time is upon us to continue the status quo or to make change.

Here at The Janet Channel, I will be keeping you all updated as soon as polls start closing at 7 p.m. EST in Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia.

I will be breaking the news and breaking down the news. I plan on covering the next 24 hours more emotionally as a news reporter than a news blogger. So, you are safe to come out here for the facts and explanation of those facts.

Joe (Janet) Friday
Just the facts maam from Dragnet
Thank you, Janice for always trusting in me.

I would like my friend Janice to read this post. She was a court manager, and I was at her door for information on a regular basis. She would tell me how she trusted that if I had questions, I would call her and not make it up as I go. Thank you, Janice.

My opinion was brief

Last week I let all know where I stood on the presidency, but tonight is for news and I am not the news.

I will be using several different sources to gather my information. I will most likely utilize four screens/devices. My little cave will transform into a true newsroom. I would like my friend Patti to read this blog post because she gets it. Once a news reporter, always a news reporter. She and I could have worked on the Watergate Nixon case.

All the President's Men
Robert Redford holding papers while speaking to Dustin Hoffman typing on a typewriter in a scene from the film ‘All the President’s Men’, 1976. (Photo by Warner Bros. Inc./Getty Images)
Going forward

I plan to update the front page of The Janet Channel throughout the next 24-48 hours minimum. Upon any real breaking news, I will alert my subscribers through email.

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Knowing that no one wants to be bombarded with email, I plan to keep them to a minimum. But please, feel free to come and check for updates at The Janet Channel.

Reach out if you have any questions. Facebook, Twitter, email or text. I am not hard to find.

I will go for now

And I will be back in a few hours. I need to get my domestic affairs in order before I become glued to my chair for the next 48 hours.

Peace and Love. And remember, this is an election. It is not a reason to hate each other. Like it or not, we are in this together.


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Polls are closing fokls
I hope you all got out to vote