The United States of Destruction

The US braces for elelction day violence


Yep, folks, this is who we are. The United States of Destruction.

Broken America

I said it earlier this year when The Daily Mail wrote a headline saying, “Broken America,” that we have always been broken. We industrialized off the backs of slaves and minorities, creating victims of progress.

We have already endured a civil war, so we have faced ugly, pain and sorrow. Do we want to go back there? Are we already on that path?

We need a nationwide timeout.

We were given the opportunity to sit back and reflect when covid took over, but life has carried on as usual. And here we are bracing for election day violence.


The National Guard will patrol some American streets this election


Pictures tell a thousand words

The Daily Mail posted some telling photos today and I wanted to share some with you.


Washington DC prepares for election night violence


New York City prepares for election night violence


Generally, we see buildings boarded up ahead of hurricanes. I guess this is a different kind of hurricane. Let’s just call it what it is:

Elections 2020

It is projected to be an eight on the Richter scale. A cat 4 hurricane and an earthquake wrapped into one devestating event. Streets in cities across America are becoming militarized by the National Guard in a lead up to election day Tuesday.

How sad is this?


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National Guard preparing for election day


And before anyone starts finger pointing, the planned protests and revolts will come from all colors and political persuasions. We are all guilty of this mess.

Protesting in my DNA

It really is in my DNA. Protesting conditions is something we generally start doing as small children. Standing up to our parents, defying their orders. We all do it. But violence and damage to this earth is a whole different story and it goes beyond protesting. You are now in the fifth grade, stomping your feet, slamming doors and doing or saying whatever it takes to get your way.

I get it

I speak with all kinds of people and in earnest some believe the only way to get change is to go big or go home. Burn down the place. For them, the destruction is the statement.

It is hard to criticize a person’s thought pattern when you have not walked in his or her shoes. But it is not hard for me to ask them to vote instead of burning down a building.

Please, for anyone who might come across this blog and who is prepared to sacrifice life or limb to make a point Tuesday: Vote the ballot box, not a burning street.

Protest peacefully and respect your opponents. Be the bigger person and show us a winner. Help us to stop being the United States of Destruction.


People are the power

Stay safe

Be safe everyone. I was not planning on coming out to the blog today, but here I am. Monday is when I am expected back but I will be here sooner if news warrants. See you then.


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