Windows 10 Public Service Announcement

Windows 11 may not be available to you



Today’s blog post is here to serve as a Windows 10 Public Service Announcement.

Windows 11 not really free

Windows is planning on launching Windows 11 this fall and gleefully has said the update will be free.

No, that is not true.

Windows has created a list of requirements to run Windows 11, and a large number of PCs will not pass the mustard.


Central processing Unit
Central Processing Unit


I stumbled upon this information by accident. Instead of searching for Windows 10 remote desktop in YouTube, I searched it for Windows 11. There, I saw nothing about the remote desktop but a lot about not being able to download the free upgrade.

Checked both my computers

And neither passed the requirement check. I am not overly upset about my main PC because I hope in the near future to have a new one built. But I am upset about my Samsung Spin (laptop/tablet combo) which has been so reliable and it suits my needs for a mobile PC.


Windows 11 compatibility check
Here you can see the one item that will keep my amazing Samsun Spin from getting Windows 11


It did not pass the one requirement most PCs will not pass and that is the CPU. My main PC that I want to replace missed by three items. Not shocking.

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This is obviously a money grab by Microsoft. Imagine the amount of computers in use that will not be able to download Windows 11. My Spin is just three years old. My main PC, which still works fine by the way, is four years old.

More bad news

And the other shoe to drop is that Windows will only support Windows 10 through the fall of 2025. So, in four years, even PCs bought today without the required CPU will be rendered useless.

If you are planning on purchasing a new Windows computer I would wait. Unless you have it built and the tech knows what is going to be needed, do not trust a store bought PC unless you know for sure by your own research that you will be able to upgrade to Windows 11.

Those on YouTube who are much more tech savvy than me will tell you that there are computers for sale right now that will never be able to update to Windows 11.

Hang on to your money until you know you will not be getting screwed by Microsoft. Take this Windows 10 Public Service Announcement seriously.


Be careful of what you purchase
This could be you if you buy a new PC right now or if you just recently purchased one.



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You may not get Windows 11
At this monent in time, this is what most PC users will see when trying to upgrade to Windows 11