Spring Cleaning and the Home Nail Salon

Spring Cleaning is a term that conjures up thoughts of confinement and dust. I bet this horrible idea is on the minds of many today.

Hopefully, lockdown ends in a few weeks. So, I thought I would be efficient and attempt to get spring cleaning done while I am still locked down. I will be paying attention to the news and if anything breaks, I will be here. I see a cleaning window, so I am trying to focus on the dust since we are already in confinement.

I made a spring batch of liquid gold this past weekend. It is a big job, but it is complete. My stomach is thankful.

For anyone wondering about the federal unemployment provision of the stimulus bill, those payment systems are still being put into place in most states. Stimulus checks are supposed to be arriving in days as well as direct deposits. Some have already received stimulus payments.

There is a good watch on Netflix called Coronavirus Explained. It is very educational and great for kids who are trying to understand how this virus works and how it spreads.

And for those ladies who have been waiting to get back to their beauty salons, I am way ahead of you. First, I started growing my hair natural color in December. I bet my roots are longer than yours. My roots will continue to grow even after the salons reopen. As for nails, I started doing them on my own in July due to a product related issue.

The only product that stays on my nails is powder dip. This is another big job. The girls at the salon I went to in Surprise Arizona could do a pink and white (French) set in less than an hour, which included removal time. Those girls were fast.

I have a wonderful girl in South Reno, but the salon changed product lines and now I do them myself. From start to finish it takes me 3-4 hours because it takes a long time to drill off the old product. I should do them every three weeks, but I started extending that to at least every four weeks. I had not done them since mid-March because of the lockdown and lack of human contact, and they were really grown out.
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Anyway, I hope your Tuesday has been great.

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A before and after look at the nails. I keep my nails short because I can’t type with them long. So, they are not beautiful and luxurious but better than no nails.