LG: Liquid Gold

We hear a lot about TP lately. That would be toilet paper. How about LG. That would be Liquid Gold.

See those items in the above picture? Add some parsley, garlic and red bell pepper to the mix and that is what you have: Liquid Gold. Otherwise known as Italian red gravy. Who doesn’t love it?

Yesterday was the first day I ventured out to the stores since about March 9. My main mission: Olive oil and S&W canned tomatoes. TP was on my list and I could find none at Costco or Walmart. It is crazy that someone has a few hundred rolls in their garage when most regular users cannot find a four-pack.

With my current stock on hand, this is when I would normally start preparing to buy more TP. Because of crazy TP hoarders, I decided to start looking a week or so early. Unfortunately, the hunt continues.

As I said though, TP was not my main mission. Kirkland olive oil was number one on the list, followed by these jumbo-sized cans of whole peeled tomatoes. I was fortunate that Costco had them both.

I continue to hear horror stories of people who still cannot get into their local Costco. I did not see any of that yesterday, and the animal food section at Walmart was filling up. Hopefully panic shopping will start subsiding in other areas of the country. From what I have heard, the Carson calm crowd never fell into complete panic.

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There was talk of people from Reno coming into Carson City to buy and maybe that is where our TP can be found. I had no problem finding eggs or bread and I hope things will be back to normal soon regarding shopping. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak today extended our lockdown through the end of April.

At this point, most of us should be set and secured in our homes. Some I know are already going stir crazy. I do hope we start to take it easy on our grocery and big box store employees. I was very impressed yesterday with the friendliness and kindness of those out on the front lines.

Below is a picture of prepared LG. I made chicken Parmesan that evening. My friend Rory was over for his birthday dinner and his chicken was real. Mine of course was make believe.

Go ahead and make believe you are all enjoying this LG dinner. Yum yum!