Desert Dwelling

Before this weekend begins, I need to pay homage to my Desert Southwest family and friends.

Folks who live in the Desert Southwest are the most unrecognized people anywhere. I know this because I was a desert dweller for 37 total years. They endure endless amounts of heat every year without any fanfare from the media. It is just accepted that 125 degrees is not a big deal, as long as it is in the Desert Southwest.

I get that there can be unfavorable weather conditions everywhere, depending on likes and dislikes. But to be a thousand degrees every day for seven months straight, even at night, it is remarkable that so many people make it through it every year.

Parts of the western United States are unseasonably warm now though next week. Even in Carson City we are a bit warmer than we have been. But when the Phoenix area sees triple digits in April, it is a bad sign that they are in for a rough Spring/Summer. And they must pray hard for a rain storm in October to bring a cooling trend it, or there is not much relief once Fall shows up.

Millions of people live through this heat, but you never hear about their bravery or do they get any credit for roasting most of their lives. Some people do like it, and many like it warm, but most will say that the long streaks of heat are not fun.

They call the Phoenix area The Valley of the Sun. My friend Melissa calls it The Valley of the Sunstroke. People in humid conditions will say, well, it is a dry heat. Yes, a large amount is humid free, but you are still living in oven temperatures. Also, the summer monsoon storms bring flying dirt, a little rain and a lot of humidity.

So, no matter what the conditions, it is freaking hot.

If you have never been through one of those monsoons, you are missing out. The east valley is the best place for them. It can be quite frightening if you are driving and you must drive into one. The washes flood the roads. Drivers try to get through and get stuck. Sometimes they drown. There is some crazy stuff you go through during a Desert Southwest summer.

The Desert Southwest is a super cool place and I love it a lot. I just cannot do the heat. The high Sonoran Desert was my favorite part. I had many great times in that desert, as a kid and as an adult.

So, the next time you think you are hot, think about the Phoenix area. Whether it is dry heat or wet heat, it is an oven that you cannot shut off.
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This was the forecast from Surprise Arizona this morning. I would have been freaking out if I were still there.