Does anyone really listen to

Meghan Markle???

Seriously. I will not even click on a link associated with her name. I also will never watch the new Disney elephant documentary that she narrated.

Today I saw a story headline: Meghan gives job interview advice online from L.A. home.

Are you kidding me? The only advice this girl can give is how to snag a rich guy and then lead him around by the balls, or how to totally dis everyone in your family.

I loved Princess Diana. She received harsh treatment from Queen Elizabeth and even worse treatment from her scoundrel husband Prince Charles. She had two wonderful sons who grew up respectful and dutiful.

Then came Me Again Meghan.

How do you marry a prince and not know the intense responsibility that comes with that job? And how do you have a baby who is in the pecking order for the UK royal throne and not even introduce your son to your father? And where is Prince Harry in all this? Oh yeah, he in the ER due to squished balls syndrome.

This girl has many issues and Disney should never have given her that sweet gig. Other women were much more deserving of the honor. No one should be reading about her either because she is no more than a Kardashian. I tried to like her though I had my doubts. I even woke up to watch her wedding because I always liked Harry. She is not a likable person.
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Do not feed that monster by giving her any attention. I am done talking about her.

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