Facebook is a large community of friends and families. I don’t always have time to explore Facebook, and I recently changed my page name to my game name. I did that to make chatting easier with those on my Faith Wolf team. But this morning, a stroll through Facebook was like a dose of medicine. It was refreshing to see strong, able bodies, who are not afraid of a virus. I am one of them.

Call us dumb if you’d like. Just don’t call us cowards.

We get it. We get that viruses are not pretty. We know that viruses kill. We know that Coronavirus is new to us. We have seen the hazmat suits and people being rolled out on stretchers. We know all this, as this is all we currently see.

Did you also know that more than 90 people die in the United States everyday due to car accidents? When will cars be taken off the road? My guess is they never will. We live with daily car deaths, yet we get back in the car and drive.

Put that car crash number into perspective in regards to Coronavirus. Has it made us stop driving? No. Are most of these crashes due to distracted driving? Yes. Do you think maybe the bulk of Coronavirus cases are due to lack of early care? I do.

Every cold and flu season I fight germs 24/7. I am like a germ sponge. I am a host that germs all want to meet. I know what it is like to be proactive. Can I be a carrier and not know it and pass it along to others? Yes. Can I be in a car struck by a distracted driver? Yes.

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This is what we call life.

President Donald Trump this morning said we are all in this together. Yes, we are. But I would like to see people who let sniffles turn into Coronavirus or other viruses start becoming proactive and do their part in preventing epidemics and pandemics. We have so many tools at our disposal, including staying at home when we are sick. Surely, we can learn to fight viruses easier than learn how to deal with complete shutdowns of our lives.

To my Facebook friends and family: Thank you for living life. You, like me, are not giving into the zombie culture. Thank you, grocery and big box store employees. You are on the front lines of this fight.

Oh … and happy St. Patrick’s Day.