Super Tuesday 2020

Super Tuesday … It is a day in February or March when the largest number of states host primary presidential elections. Super Tuesday 2020 took place last night in 14 states. The two current leaders in the democratic race are now former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Republicans are not hosting primaries this year because President Donald Trump is running for reelection and it is near impossible to unseat a president at the primary level.

It turned out to a surprising night for highly paid TV pundits, but then again, they are generally so full of themselves they can’t see the forest for the trees. They had already counted Joe Biden out.

Joe Biden has emerged as the early delegate leader. He was vice president with President Barack Obama, and he is very popular in the south. He swept those states and then squeaked out a win in Texas, the second largest of  last night’s delegate pools. California, the richest delegate state in the United States, went with Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The six states with the most delegates are California (55), Texas (38), New York (29), Florida (29), Illinois (20), and Pennsylvania (20). The District of Columbia and the seven least populous states — Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming — have three delegates each.

It is coming down to a two-man race to see who will go head to head with Donald Trump in November. I predict the race between Joe and Bernie is going to get a bit ugly. And we will get an early preview of an “Ok Boomer versus Snowflake” boxing match. Already, the democratic party is ganging up on Bernie for his far-left agenda.

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Last week, the two winners and losers of the Feb. 20 debate (Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg) dropped out of the race and both endorsed Joe Biden before Super Tuesday voting began. The results showed that these endorsements were huge for him. This morning, Mike Bloomberg dropped out of the race after a dismal performance last night and he too has endorsed Joe Biden. I expect Elizabeth Warren to be dropping out soon. She lost in her home state of Massachusetts. Not a good sign. I suspect she will endorse Bernie.

The full delegate count from last night is not yet known, as it takes several days for California to deliver its official results. But as of this writing, Joe Biden is at 453 delegates and Bernie Sanders at 382. This count is changing by the hour. The leading democratic candidate needs 1,991 pledged delegates just to get to the convention. And from there, things could change if the candidate is contested on the first ballot. This year’s convention takes place July 13-16 in Milwaukee. It could turn into a real slug fest. I predict neither Joe Biden nor Bernie Sanders will go down easily.

Bottom line, the money people, including Mike Bloomberg are going to be ramping up support for Joe Biden, and street folks and protesters are going to continue supporting Bernie Sanders. It was said that Mike Bloomberg already has a huge campaign operation in place and will be offering the services of that operation to Joe Biden.

But hey, we know money talks. Let’s see if it can walk … right into the 2020 Democratic National Convention.