Are you done yet

Host talk about an upcoming TV show


Are you done yet paying for this trash TV?

Woke and not woke alike: Wake up.

Have you gone to the grocery store lately? Have you bought a new house? A new car?

Well guess what?



Millions of dollars paid for an inteview of a celebrity
Yes, on the sprawling estate of celebrity Gayle King comes two hours of whining by people from the royal family in the U.K.


TV networks have had a banner financial year amid the pandemic. They get their money through sponsors of products. Those sponsors tack on an extra charge for the networks and you pay that charge at the cash register.

Have you noticed a reduction in anything you purchase? NO. Of course not because that banner year money is not going back to you as a rebate. It is going to not only corporate management and stockholders, but to trash TV and professional sports.

Geez people, follow your money

Do you like being swindled out of your hard-earned cash? I guess most do not mind because I do not hear anyone else complaining about this issue.

And the biggest offenders, capitalists in general, whine like babies over socialism. If this ginormous act of theft is not socialism, I do not know what is.

Do not watch this garbage. Instead tell CBS that you will start tracking all its sponsors and that you will be cancelling all of them.

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Enough is enough people. I said I was going to harp on this until this sneaky practice of paying TV actors and athletes through our grocery bills comes to light and gets under control. If you still want these forms of entertainment, then pay per item like I do with my streaming movie services.

You are not subsidizing my movies, and I do not want to subsidize your network TV. Sadly, I did grocery shopping today and surely I purchased something that is contributing to the rumored $9 million CBS is paying Oprah Winfrey to “interview” a spoiled whining woman for two hours.


Seriously spoiled woman
Okay, for real, is this a hostage news story? Is this story worth paying Oprah Winfrey $9 million for?
One day

I long for the day when a struggling mother of five at the grocery store gets her choice of two totals, one with actor/athlete sponsorship, one without.

As entertainment socialism thrives, I can only hope she chooses to spend that extra money on her own children instead of someone else’s.

Are you done yet?



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