Say it isn’t so

Panic buying in America



Please … Say it isn’t so: Panic buying 2.0.

That of course was the headline at The Daily Mail today. I think the headline and some of the pictures in the story are misleading. Some of the photos in the story are from spring.

I have heard of continued shortages of sanitizing supplies and other household items, but retailers are staying in front of panic buying 2.0. Panic 1.0 was enough.

Kroger clamped down

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Kroger that it was beginning to limit certain items such as toilet paper. Fortunately, I went to Costco earlier this month and do not need to return until January or February. Costco is necessary but I do not like going there, especially during busy shopping seasons.

With covid cases spiking across the country, consumers are getting anxious. But I do not think we need to get nervous. We survived the first onslaught of panic buying earlier this year and with safeguards in place, such as limits, we all should be able to get through this next covid wave without issue.

“Our supply chain is good,” Washington Governor Jay Inslee said. “Buying up everything you can get your hands on just hurts everybody and there’s no necessity for it right now.”


An Oregan Fred Myers store Nov. 14
This Nov. 14 photo was of a Fred Myer’s store in Oregon.
It really does hurt

Not everyone has money at the same time. Imagine for those who had no funds when panic buying started. By the time there was money, there was nothing left to buy. Meanwhile, someone’s garage was filled with what that person needed.

So, think about it. Think about your neighbors. There is no need to put vulnerable people at risk.

Future poll

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Currently I am working out the mechanics of adding a poll to an upcoming covid vaccine post. I hope to have that figured out soon. Have you thought about if you would or would not get the vaccine? At this point in time I am going with no.

I will have researched the subject more thoroughly by the time I launch the poll.


AP-NORC poll
This AP-NORC poll was taken May 27. I wonder has anyone changed his or her mind.

Please … say it isn’t so. Do not panic buy. Try to purchase at your normal rate. If everyone would proceed in this manner, we would not need limits. We are headed into the season of giving. Think about this if you are filling up your storage with items needed by others.


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Are you a panic buyer?
Are you a panic buyer?
Are you a panic buyer?



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