Will you get the Covid-19 vaccine upon release?

Soon covid-19 vaccines will be available



The Janet Channel’s first official poll question is this: Will you get the Covid-19 vaccine upon release?

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Check your facts carefully

Before you decide if you are going to get one of the two or three competing vaccines you need to do some research. If you are a conspiracy theorist, I am not sure what to tell you because you tend to only believe what matches your agenda.

You are on your own with this one.

An antivax video came my way



Not from an antivaxxer but from a friend who wanted me to watch it. She knew I was looking for material to research for this post. It was interesting and it spurred my commitment to be better informed before writing about the vaccine.

I had no idea who created the video. There was a woman speaking and holding up the above box that apparently had contained covid vaccine. She told her viewers to do their own research and not just believe her.

I followed along and continued researching where she left off.

Aborted fetuses

The woman in the video, later learning she is from an antivax organization, spilled the beans that the covid vaccine was made from an aborted 14-week old Caucasian male fetus.

Okay, so this is the kind of thing that people run with. They watch a video and believe everything they see and hear, from a stranger. It just needs to fit the agenda.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of her claim, I just want to tell you a story about the dangers of misinformation and how quickly it spreads.

No, he is not who you think he is


Woody's food and gas Arizona
This is one of Woody’s gas stations and food marts in Prescott, Arizona.


As a print reporter I had a long conversation with a genuinely nice community member. He was concerned with his town and was an activist for his beliefs.

In one conversation, he expressed ire at a planning and zoning employee and at a local businessman. Through the conversation I discovered that he had the wrong identity for both individuals.

He thought the owner of a gas station called “Woody’s,” who everyone accused of price gouging and whose first or last name was not Woody, was another businessman whose first name was Woody. When I said, “Woody does not own those gas stations,” he just said, “Oh.”

People …


Stop running with mistruth.


He was directing anger and judgement onto people who were not even the people with whom he was angry. And he was not the only one doing it. He was part of a group.

Seriously, true story. One “good” citizen tells another “good” citizen who tells another “good” citizen and soon the lynch mob is after someone who is not even involved in their angst.

Please, stop believing everything you hear because it emboldens your personal agendas. You are creating more harm than good. Like the woman in the video says, do your own research.

Sadly, her research was lacking in full disclosure

I should have been a scientist. I love science but as a younger person I was not disciplined enough to undertake the educational challenge of becoming a scientist.

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Thankfully, one does not need a science degree to be a researcher. Internet tools help in researching, unless you are closed mined, a conspiracy theorist or lazy. These same internet tools are also useful for spreading lies or half-truths.

The fetus quagmire


Vaxxed claims Covid vaccine is from an aborted fetus
Antivaxxers do not provide full disclosure about the ingredient MRC-5 and today’s vaccines.


In the antivaxxer video about the covid vaccine, the narrator leads viewers to research the vaccine ingredient MRC-5, in which she states is made from the lung of a 14-week-old male Caucasian aborted fetus.

I had to investigate that claim because it sounded very alarming.

I learned that in the 1960s, a female aborted fetus and a male aborted fetus were used to grow two cell lines that are now used in current vaccines. According to scientific source material, these cell lines continue to grow today, and no other fetal tissue has been used to keep these two cell lines growing.

It sounds as if cells grow better in humans than nonhuman animals and is the reason fetal tissue has been used to create ingredients for vaccines.

Abortion beliefs aside

The video narrator was correct that MRC-5 is an ingredient in at least one covid vaccine, as per the packaging used in the video, and that MRC-5 is associated with the lung of a 14-week-old male fetus. But MRC-5 is basically the same as a bread starter. I am not minimizing or being flippant. The lung of one 1960s aborted fetus was used to start the process of creating the cell line now used in the covid vaccine.


The vaccine race
There is an emotional cost to vaccines.


Each one of us will decide for ourselves and our children whether to get covid vaccines. Each of you who are going to get the vaccine need to ask questions first. Do your research and do not stop if you are shocked by something you read or saw or if it fits too perfectly into your personal beliefs.

Being shocked is more of a reason to keep researching. If you are shocked, there is either more to the story or someone is banking on your emotions to lead you.

People hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest

It is human nature. I do find it a little troubling though that it took less than a year for multiple pharma companies to create new vaccines for a new coronavirus.

We cannot even get scientists to agree on how the virus mutates or how long it lives in the air, but we already have more than one pending vaccine in the United States alone.


Big Pharma competes to be the first to save lives with a Covid-19 vaccine
Big Pharma competes to be the first to save lives with a Covid-19 vaccine.


Will you get the covid-19 vaccine upon release?

I will not. If I find a reason to do so I will, but at this time that reason for me does not exist.


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Will you get a covid-19 vaccine upon release
Will you get a covid-19 vaccine upon release
Will you get a covid-19 vaccine upon release



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The normal process of developing vaccines
The normal process of developing vaccines from the CDC website