Happy Veteran’s Day 2020

Thank you Veterans



We would be remiss if we forgot our veteran’s during this chaotic season. Happy Veteran’s Day 2020.

We all owe you a debt of gratitude for putting your lives on the line for the rest of us. Some of you losing life or limb or left with a broken heart and or spirit.

We are here for you and we honor you and your families, and we are thankful for your service.


I love numbers. Today’s calendar combination in my opinion is good luck. Possibly the tide will begin to turn, and we can start settling into a new normal. Whatever our normal ends up being, it will never be what normal was one year ago.

I have not commented on the elections for a reason. If I commented at this time, it would be like a matchstick to hay and I am not in the mood to feel a burn. I had enough smoke and fire this past summer, thank you. It is fall now and this is a time for peace and caring. Remember, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

What will yours look like?

Oh my, I found this Thanksgiving map to be quite entertaining. People around the country were surveyed as to their favorite Thanksgiving side dish. I was surprised to see green bean casserole the favorite in Arizona after all my years living there.


What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?
These are your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.


Apparently, I must have known instinctively that there were lots of mashed potato folks in Nevada, haha. That is my favorite side dish. My second favorite was always the brown gravy. I do not eat meat anymore and I avoid the gravy.

But what will it look like? Will you all social distance? Will you even be speaking to each other?

January will arrive

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Like it or not, however the trail leads to January 20, your friends and family are more important than their choices of political candidates. We are getting into the best time of the year. The time of year when people at least pretend to be nice and caring.

2020 will be our newest most memorable year on this planet. We need to pull together as family and friends to make sure this year is not a total bust.

I created a new salon

Well, it is a virtual Facebook salon. I created it for girls to share pictures of new hairstyles and sip beverages, chat and enjoy what we used to enjoy at brick and mortar salons.

I banned any talk of politics or religion.


Virtural Facebook Hair Salon


So, at this year’s Veteran’s Day table, Thanksgiving table, Christmas and New Year’s tables, ban any talk of politics or religion. Even if you agree with each other … give it a rest. Enjoy one another for what you bring to each other because as any veteran can tell you, life can be as short at one more second.

Peace out for now, Happy Veteran’s Day 2020. We love you!!


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