Holy Weatherman is it hot

God's weather can be challenging



I will say that again. Holy Weatherman is it hot.

How is everyone? Hoping all is well during this blazing U.S. summer.

It is 123 degrees in Death Valley

Yes, you heard that right, it is 123 degrees in Death Valley. It is 118 in Needles California, 113 in Phoenix, 102 in Los Angeles, 100 degrees in Spokane, 96 degrees in Carson City and 88 degrees in South Lake Tahoe. Holy Weatherman is it hot.

The Western United States is baking right now

And it is experiencing one of the worst heatwaves in years. These temperatures are not uncommon, but they have been unrelenting for weeks. California has instituted rolling black outs as sweltering heat grips the entire state and challenges its electric grid.

I can attest firsthand the effects of this heat. Performing field word for the 2020 Census was supposed to be a great way for me to better understand my community. That of course was when enumerating was expected to get underway in April. As a result of Covid, we just started counting heads last week in the sweltering heat.

The heat has dampened my experience

And I mean that literally. Sweat pouring off me as I try not to suffocate in a mask as people are doing all they can to stay cool in their homes. A number of these homes are without central air conditioning. I know this through my work as a real estate agent. It has so far been a beast and tomorrow I get back out there for another week of counting.

We could be counting until the end of September so I will not be on the blog much during that time. I can only hope that it starts to cool down soon for everyone’s sake.

The clap of thunder

By mid afternoon Sunday thunderstorms began developing here in the Sierra. The storms were spotty but Monday afternoon they exploded. Even the sky needed a little relief.

It is still hot and now humid, and we are dealing with smoke from a forest fire in California.
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Fire in Northern California

I never complain when it is cold

And I never will. I like it cold. This heat is not for human consumption. Sunny and pleasant is one thing. Roasting like potatoes in the oven is another.

Stay cool if you can. I know that seven inches of rain downpours and high humidity on the east coast is no picnic either. We are all on fire right now. The year 2020 has been a real doozy. I still hold out hope that there is something good at the end of this mess we call the start of a new decade.

If not, let’s start praying now for a better 2021. Between petty and blinded party politics, Covid-19, BLM protesting and rioting that continues for more than two months, it is had been an ugly beginning to this new decade that started with a bit of hope.


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