Money talks and the NHL listens

NHL officials all smiles after roping in new billionaires



The National Hockey League was the last bastion of genuine goodness in North American professional sports. It had remained earnest and appreciative of being able to just play the game, as other professional sports leagues were selling out to the highest bidders. That gritty attitude came to an abrupt halt around 1995 because, well, money talks and the NHL listens.

And here we are again

Money is still talking and the NHL is still listening. Billionaires in crisis-central Seattle, where homelessness has exploded and extreme protesting is becoming the norm, announced the new name for an NHL expansion team yesterday. The Seattle Kraken.


Seattle homelessness is at a crisis stage


George Floyd protesters in Seattle torched vehicles.


There are so many things wrong with this picture. Where do I start?

The world of professional sports is in transition but these leagues are acting like all is well. Teams are playing in “bubbles” in empty arenas. Fox Sports is going to create a simulated audience for a Major League Baseball game tomorrow. Hope that goes better than their trailing hockey puck experiment. As a city, Seattle is in transition. But for some reason, billionaires have not figured all this out yet.

Owners of the new team

David Bonderman is an American billionaire businessman. He is the founding partner of TPG Capital (formerly Texas Pacific Group) and its Asian affiliate Newbridge Capital. He is also one of the minority owners of the NBA’s Boston Celtics as well as the co-founder and co-majority owner of the Seattle Kraken of the National Hockey League.

Jerome Leon Bruckheimer is an American film and television producer. He has been active in the genres of action, drama, fantasy and science fiction.

Tod Leiweke is an American sports executive who is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Team President of the Seattle Kraken

And let’s top it off with the world’s biggest hypocrite

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Yes, the one and only Jeff Bezos. Mr. Amazon. The same Amazon that purchased the naming rights to the Seattle hockey arena and has named it Climate Pledge Arena.

Are you kidding me!? Climate Pledge Arena? Next thing you know there will be pictures of Harry and Meghan, the poster children for climate change, placed around the arena.

Mr. Bezos is a jet setting guy who got lucky with an idea. Amazon employees complain about the pay, while he flies private and does not one thing for the world’s climate crisis. But here he is, getting it on with the big boys in the glamorous world of professional sports ownership while raising prices on EVERYTHING at Amazon to pay for it.

You are their victims

These four guys have been active for years discovering ways to surreptitiously steal your money through your everyday spending. Do you enjoy paying for high-priced entertainment that you most likely have no interest in or follow?

How about these billionaires pledge to pay their employees real living wages or pledge to get their hands dirty and help the homeless? How about they do anything besides make a mockery of how much money they have stolen from all of us.

I have had about enough

And I will not stop hammering this subject until we all take a stand against the fleecing of consumers at the cash register for the sake of entertainers. If you want to give your money away, give it to the guy in Phoenix or Vegas who is working in 1,000 degree heat filling potholes so your vehicles do not get trashed up.

Wake up America. The rich and famous are robbing you. One guy in the National Football League signs for a half a billion dollars, while money talks and the NHL listens.

I am out. Have a great weekend.


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