The NFL needs a reality check

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs gets a half billion dollar contract


“He earned it,” said the girlfriend of a National Football League player who just signed a $503 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. The NFL needs a reality check and quickly.

We are living in a new world, yet the NFL has yet to catch on. We have not even completed the first round of Coronavirus infection, with half the population unemployed and rioting in the streets, and living on the streets, while the NFL is handing out $500 million contracts. Are you kidding me?


Movie theaters are still not open

And once they do open, what kind of revenue will they generate? Movie chains are currently filing lawsuits to open their businesses. Will movie studios continue handing over $20 million payouts to actors when theaters are half empty due to social distancing?

While sports organizations in other countries, say Switzerland for example, are looking for ways to cut expenses so they can survive, America continues to hand out gobs of cash to ENTERTAINERS.

Bubonic plague in China

Yes, you read that correctly. Now China is offering up the bubonic plague. You gotta love the World Health Organization (WHO). Saying it is carefully monitoring the outbreak in China, WHO says the situation is being “well managed” in Beijing.

For reals? Seriously? WHO said this about China and the Coronavirus and look where we are today. Restaurants in several states are once again closing and only drive through is available at banks. You now drive your own vehicle into the bay at Discount Tire. By all means, NFL, offer up a $503 million contract for a guy to throw a ball.

The NFL needs a reality check and quickly.

As does the entire entertainment/sports world

What part of ripping you off with every item sold have some of you not yet figured out? Do you not realize that nearly everything you buy, including utilities, add sponsorship fees to your total bill? We are the ones paying that $503 million contract.

Stockholders or the CEO of say Pepsi are not taking the money out of their pockets to pay for stadium rights and half billion dollar Super Bowl ads. No. That money comes from you, the consumer. How about Arizona Public Service named all over the Arizona Diamondback baseball stadium. Who do you think pays for that? You do in your sky-high electric rates. We should see what we are paying for with itemized receipts detailing how much is going to professional sports or TV shows.

It is a new dawn

And we are waking up to a different way of life. It is time for entertainment and sports industries to catch a clue from the rest of us. We need to stop being complacent about paying for sports and entertainment that we do not watch or follow.
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These people are entertainers and if we are going to go the charitable route, let’s start with people who really deserve it, like the employees at a Phoenix Target store. These folks had to clean up after a psycho woman destroyed part of the store. Wearing her “$40,000 Rolex watch,” she tore up the mask section while screaming at everyone for wearing masks.


Crazy woman in Phoenix tears up a Target store


Abused by stupid people all day long, Target employees probably make about $10 an hour. Many retail employees are experiencing this kind of harassment by rude, obnoxious and dangerous people. And the abuse is happening at an alarming rate.

So, while 19 states are on New York’s travel advisory list, entertainers are jonesing for attention by posting nearly naked pictures of themselves on social media and the NFL is making believe nothing in our world has changed.

Let those who want it pay

The NFL needs a reality check and quickly. I do not like contributing towards sports and entertainment on network television. I understand advertisers need to advertise, but not at this rate. Not at $500 million for one guy who plays football or someone making $20 million a year to act on a TV show.

You want to watch the NFL or your favorite ABC TV show, then you pay the bill. I like movies without commercials, so I pay for streaming services. I am not asking sponsors to pay for my entertainment, and sponsors need to quit charging me to pay for anyone else’s.


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Viewers pay for streaming services, sports fans should pay for their own sports television