That nagging Covid-19 groin injury is back

Covid-19 cases see a large spike over the past few weeks


I told you this was going to happen. Looking like it did in April, that nagging Covid-19 groin injury is back infecting thousands.

According to Thursday statistics, the number of Covid-19 infections across the U.S rose by nearly 40,000 in the largest single-day increase since the pandemic began. These numbers follow weeks of steady or declining infections and hospitalizations.

Some are already saying the spike is because of increased testing, but the increased testing is due to the wave of new infections. Closed again for business are bars in Texas and Florida. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey reissued his stay at home order.

May has proven to be a dangerous month as 18 members from one Texas family attended a surprise birthday party and have all tested positive for Covid-19. The family grandfather remains in intensive care and a family member with breast cancer is fighting the infection.

This new rate of infection makes me wonder if Nevada casinos can remain open. Gov. Steve Sisolak last week officially mandated masks or face coverings in public after Nevada reported a spike in Covid-19 cases.

The groin injury warning

It was the middle of April when protesters began to make noise over the Coronavirus lockdown. Not yet peaked in America, everyone started to get antsy and angry instead of letting the process play out.

Phase three reopening in some states such as Nevada only got under way a few weeks ago. Not all members of the public are abiding by the safety guidelines. Here you see Las Vegas gamblers without masks.


Gamblers in Las Vegas recently reopened casinos are attracting those who do not want to wear face shields

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I am not a medical expert, but accurate observation is one of my gifts. These people are going to spread Covid-19 and covid is spreading at a high rate in Nevada.

Sometimes a desire is no more than a wish

And our desire to make believe Covid-19 never happened can never be fulfilled. This is our new world, at least for now and the foreseeable future. Going by the name of Covid-19, that nagging groin injury is back with a vengeance trying to take us to square one of lockdown/healing.

No one knows for sure how this new spike will play out. I feel bad for residents of New York and New Jersey, who remained diligent only to have residents from less diligent states hauling Corona back to them.

In closing, happy Tuesday and stay safe out there. Do your part in controlling the spread of a virus that has no intention of dying out any time soon.


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