The headlines verify a nation gone mad

Armed protesters take control of Seattle


Have you read the news lately? The headlines verify a nation gone mad.

People are protesting an animated Nickelodeon show about a police dog. Wealthy celebrities who can hire their own security, or those victimized by police, want to defund police departments.

Protesters have taken over Seattle. Looters walk off with a $100,000 in merchandise from a Florida Walmart.  Boston vandals behead a statute of Christopher Columbus. In Virginia, they topple the Columbus statute and throw it in the lake.

I mentioned Christopher Columbus a few posts ago. I spoke of how the violence and attitudes of his time shaped slavery in this country and created large swaths of victims in the new world.

But the dog, really

Are things so bad that an animated show about a lovable police dog is a target for protesters?

I hope everyone realizes that in this culture of who can scream loudest, nobody is hearing anyone. Those calling for the end of an animated police dog cartoon, I do not hear you. Your idea is ridiculous.


Protesters take it to the extreme by calling for the end of an animated cartoon staring a police dog


Shall we call ISIS for protection

And whom shall we call when there are no more police departments? ISIS?

Absolutely police departments need reform. But there is a need for police protection. Not everyone owns firearms. And not everyone owns dogs who have sworn to serve and protect.

Most of us cannot afford our own security detail and I for one am not calling ISIS or a vigilante for help.

Protesters are calling the shots

They have taken over a six-block zone in Seattle, calling it the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).


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Protesters keep police away from their designated zone


The Daily Mail says protesters have formed a free zone in Seattle to keep police out. They spent the night dancing in the street, dining on free vegan pizza and watching movies under the watch of armed guards. President Trump deemed them domestic terrorists and he has ordered democrats to regain control of the city.

The headlines verify a nation gone mad. Covid-19 cases are spiking in many states and 44 million have filed for unemployment during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the words of my girl Chaka Khan

Tell me something good.

It is going to be a high of only 66 degrees here in Carson City Saturday and that is about the only good thing I can tell you.

Have a safe weekend friends.


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