We were united for about a month

We were united for about a month, two thirds of the U.S. is back open

As a country we were united for about a month. We were all home under house arrest, except for essential workers. That has all changed as of today.

About two thirds of the country has opened with social distancing and capacity restrictions, as well as some mask requirements. All but three of the states that did not open this morning have not announced an official opening day, and the rest of those states have not given any indication of when they will open.

Nevada is one of the states that has not yet announced an official opening, but it has started to relax the rules a bit. Nevada is a tourist state so you can imagine the germs that pass through here. Both Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe are visited by people from all over the world. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak has not caved into pressure to swing the doors open, and he is fortunate that residents of Nevada have been easy to get along with.

That cannot be said for several states. Some municipalities in California are taking it upon themselves to call the shots and defy California Gov. Gavin Newsom by opening and creating their own rules. Orange County is even suing the governor because he closed its beaches.

No one wants to believe the science

Scientists have warned that opening too quickly is not the correct path to take, leaving governors across the county to balance the moods of impatient residents and advice from those who are smarter than those impatient citizens.

As usual, the average citizen thinks he or she knows more than the skilled scientist. One just needs to look at the climate change debate to know that some people simply debunk science, unless of course it is to their personal benefit.

Some 400 asymptomatic workers at a shuttered Missouri meat packing plant recently tested positive for Covid-19. Will science deniers believe the overall affects of this virus when there is no meat to be found in grocery stores?

Do we have any patience?

Americans are not a patient bunch. Privileged from birth, we want what we want when we want it. It does not matter whose safety, happiness or well being is put at risk if we are personally satisfied. Many people who have been stuck in their homes for the past six weeks have been holding out hope that we will change and become better citizens when this is all said and done. It is nice to dream.
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The pictures below from Atlanta Georgia on Friday and Clearwater Florida today will tell all those hoping for change that not even a killer pandemic can keep Americans from doing whatever they want whenever they want. We were united for about a month though.


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