Buh bye now Walmart

This post is to serve as a public service announcement to stay away from Walmart.com … unless you like being lied to and dealing with delays and aggravation.

In the year 2000, I began a 13-year boycott of Walmart. Not for obvious reasons such as poor pay to employees and cutting profits of suppliers to pad its own coffers. No, my boycott was due to poor treatment of customers.

It started when a brand-new Super Walmart opened in a developing Surprise, Arizona. The store had 36 cash registers and never were more than six or seven of them open with lines 10 deep. It took for a Target to open across the street for Walmart to pull its head out of the money clouds and open some registers.

I started going back to Walmart at the end of 2013, but I guess I forgot what kind of company I was dealing with.

According to statistics, Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue, more than $514 billion in 2019 with $3.8 billion in net profits. One would think a company with those kinds of profits would invest in systems to benefit not only their employees but the hands that feed it: Its customers.

Have you ever met a pretty or handsome face, only to find an ugly core? Yeah, this is what you get with Walmart. An ugly core that cannot function under pressure. Walmart’s obvious-archaic systems are not even close to being prepared to handle what much smaller companies have proven to handle during this Corona crises.

Panic buying was in full force within the first few days of March. On March 27, I was able to start looking for pet food. I feed three cats and two dogs, and I medicate one of the dogs. I started off at Chewy.com. There is a warehouse here in Sparks, but they were out of everything for the cats. I placed my dog food order and was informed it would be 7-10 days. Generally, it is a two-day turnaround, but this was after a month of selfish panic buying.

I then went to Walmart.com and my nightmare began. Chewy took eight days to deliver but it emailed me about five days after my order was placed just to let me know it was still alive and kicking and that my order would soon be processed.

Chewy.com reported $3.5 billion in revenue for 2018. Much smaller than Walmart, yet Chewy was able to deliver on its promise and keep in touch with me. Not Walmart. I gave both Chewy and Walmart Coronavirus passes for their long processing times, but when you are Walmart, you are late on everything and there is no correspondence with customers, the pass is revoked. Instead, Walmart gets a big fat F.
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My kitty cats know when it is time for dinner. With Walmart’s initial promise, I would have received my 40-pack of canned food by tomorrow. They would have been eating their last half a can this evening. But after Walmart’s dismal performance with the rest of my order, and no movement on the cans, I cancelled all remaining items and decided to check out PetSmart.com.

Within one hour, my local PetSmart had my 40-pack waiting for me at a store just four minutes from me in Carson City. PetSmart’s revenue in 2018 was about $6.5 billion.

Do you see a trend here? Bigger is not necessarily better. Walmart’s core is not to help you but to help its bottom line. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and place an order with Walmart.com and see what I am saying. And if you have any questions about that order, be prepared to be on hold on the phone or live chat for two hours.

I feel bad for Walmart employees. They are always pleasant and none of this is their fault. But Walmart is like fake news. You cannot count on it, even if it is the world’s largest company.

Back to the boycott I go.